The Bizarrely Dangerous Plans Of The Israeli ‘Left’ For The Golan Heights

UPDATE: (7:40 am Friday): Qassam rockets hit Eshkol Region of southern Israel during the night. No further info.

UPDATE: (5:45 pm Thursday): Incoming terrorist rocket sirens being heard now in South Ashkelon region.

UPDATE: (5:30 pm Thursday): Southern Israel has been struck by at least four Qassam rockets fired by terrorist Palestinian Hamas in the last 30 minutes.


After several days of reporting on the event your humble servant attended at the University of California, Davis on Monday night during which the UCD police disgracefully did nothing to thwart anti-Israel hecklers from disrupting the presentation, this blog turns its attention back to Israel today–and specifically to the Golan Heights that are blanketed in snow this afternoon.

A long line of leaders on the Israeli left has long been absurdly willing to “give the Golan back” to Syria. The impact of this willingness can be seen in a very simple fact. Your humble servant can remember driving through such Druze villages as Majdal Shams and Buq’ata thirty years ago. At that time, the Israeli flag flew proudly from official buildings and individual residences. When I last drove through these villages on the Golan Heights this past November, most official buildings are still flying the Israeli flag, but the Syrian flag is now flying from many residences.

A rally two weeks ago in Majdal Shams, an Israeli Druze village on the Golan Heights border with Syria. Note the Syrian flags over the heads of the Druze elders and the boy holding the Syrian flag.

Yesterday we had another installment in the theater of the absurd with the Israeli Labor Party’s Isaac Herzog proclaiming to anyone who would listen that the embattled Syrian rebels now want to “be friends” with Israel.  Knesset member Herzog, who apparently met with Syrian exiles in the United States in 2011, added that Israel “should listen to Syria’s rebels and not rule out a future relationship.”

A Syrian tank on the Golan Heights sometime before 1967. Note that it is aimed at the valley below-- a valley in Israel.

The only thing that the Syrians want from Israel is the Golan Heights–the highlands that they used to attack Israel mercilessly from 1948 to 1967. The very rebels that Herzog is now embracing were accusing Assad several months ago of supporting Israel because he was attacking Israel instead of them. The chant on the Syrian street has been “Attack Israel not us!”

If Herzog’s declarations of Syrian love for Israel are not enough, the last month has also witnessed the incredibly bizarre spectacle of Israel’s do nothing leftist IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz announcing: “On the day the Assad regime falls, it [the new government] is expected to harm the Alawite clan. We are preparing to receive Alawite refugees on the Golan Heights.”

Did you get that dear reader? Benny Gantz says that Israel is readying itself to accept Alawite Syrians onto the Golan Heights. This is the same minority group that the Assad family is a member of and that has been persecuting Syrians for decades. This is frankly unbelievable. What better way to establish Syrian sovereignty over the crucial Golan Heights than by letting Syrian “refugees” flood over the Syrian border and set up residence in Israel?

Think about it: we have one Israeli leftist suggesting that we embrace Syrian rebels who have been stridently calling for an attack on Israel, and we have another Israeli leftist saying that Israel is preparing to embrace Assad’s clan that the rebels have been attacking.

Totally bizarre and incredibly dangerous.


On March 1, 2000 five members of the pro-Israel South Lebanese Army (SLA) were killed by a roadside Hezbollah IED.  Israeli artillery responded by shelling Hezbollah positions.

The ultimate Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon led to many SLA families resettling in northern Israel–where they still live today.

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