Israel President Shimon Peres: Lobbying Hard For President Obama And His Own Legacy

UPDATE: (5:00 pm Saturday): Yet another Palestinian Hamas Qassam rocket struck southern Israel last night. Yet again, the IDF did nothing in response to the terrorist fire. Today has seen “rock” throwing incidents throughout Judea and Samaria as Palestinians have assaulted Israelis on the roads.


Shimon Peres: the President of Israel and unflagging campaigner for President Obama and himself.

Shimon Peres’ diplomatic career may be winding down, but he is still able to flatulently insert himself into the American presidential campaign on behalf of President Obama, and at the same time try to undermine the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

In what can only be described as an egregiously self-serving and vacuous interview with American TV “broadcaster” Charlie Rose this week, Peres blandished one encomium after another for President Obama: “a great president”, “a great friend of Israel”, deserving of “the highest respect” for managing the current relationship between Israel and the United States.

It is a message that he has just taken with him to AIPAC (the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee) where he has just called Obama “a born leader” and effusively thanked him repeatedly for his “love and commitment to Israel” (even the ‘left wing’ Israeli TV commentators covering the speech are making fun of his endless thank you’s to Obama).

And why is Peres blathering on to AIPAC? It is nothing more than a blatant, pathetic, and almost comedic attempt to smooth the feathers of the members of the conservative Jewish lobby, many of whom been mortified throughout President Obama’s first term for a variety of reasons–not the least of which was how Obama hung Netanyahu and Israel out to dry over the construction of Jewish communities in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria for almost three years.

This latter decision struck a devastating and perhaps mortal blow to the “peace process” by causing the Palestinians to abandon negotiations with Israel. Even this morning, the Palestinians are letting it be known that the day Netanyahu returns from Washington, they will issue a new ultimatum and deadline about Jewish community construction (among other items).

In terms of American presidential politics, Obama’s naive strategy has somewhat imperiled his glowing credentials with American Jewish voters. Hence the need for the ever unctuous and obsequious Shimon Peres  to ride to Obama’s rescue.

In an important sense, Peres’  paean to Obama is easy to understand. Both men were absurd recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize–Obama for doing nothing but making speeches, and Peres for engineering the Oslo Accords with Yitzhak Rabin and the PLO terrorist Yasser Arafat. Those Oslo Accords resulted in a decade of suicide bombers that blew over 1000 Israelis to bits in buses, restaurants, schools, and hotels, and in the process came close to ripping apart the fabric of Israeli society.

For Obama, the Peace Prize means little; however, to Peres, it means his legacy.  And one way for Peres to secure his place in history is for Obama to push Netanyahu down the same disastrous road as Oslo–thereby validating the “peace process” started by Rabin and Peres.  To put it a different way, Peres’ legacy will forever be tarnished unless Netanyahu reneges on his principles and pursues the appallingly failed notion of land for peace.

And to that end, Peres is still desperately striving to get Netanyahu to make more concessions to the Palestinians, urging him in the Rose interview “to take risks” just to get the Palestinians back to the negotiating table. More than this, Peres told Rose that the entire Netanyahu coalition is an obstacle to peace–and that Netanyahu would be ‘better off’ with a different coalition (oddly this is the same thing that Obama strove for through much of his first term).

Netanyahu would definitely not be better off, and Israel would certainly not be better off, but Shimon Peres would obviously be better off.  Whether he is campaigning for President Obama or seeking to get rid of the current government in Israel, Shimon Peres’ actions are unseemly and not worthy of a President of Israel.


On March 4, 1996–as a direct result of the Oslo Accords–a Palestinian suicide bomber blew up 13 Israeli citizens outside the Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv. The 20 kilogram nail bomb that he detonated also critically injured scores of others. 

On March 4, 2001–as a direct result of the Oslo Accords–a Palestinian suicide bomber blew up 3 Israeli citizens and wounded 60 more in downtown Netanya.



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