Business as Usual in Ramallah: A Dictator Tightens His Grip

Tishrei 23, 5777

October 25, 2016



Business as Usual in Ramallah: A Dictator Tightens His Grip

As Mahmoud Abbas, unelected president of the Palestinian Authority and Chairman of the PLO, has never been one to brook any opposition.

Over the years, his rivals have been ruthlessly imprisoned and tortured, deported, or simply killed. Abbas’ real talent has been to accomplish this elimination of the opposition while hugging and kissing international idiots who come to Ramallah to embrace him as a “man of peace.”

Nothing that Abbas does stops him from being the darling of the West. Not the fact that he wrote a “dissertation” about how the Holocaust was greatly exaggerated, not the fact that he was the financial mastermind behind the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes, not the fact that he constantly rails against all things Jewish–none of this diminishes the adoration he receives.

We continue to be told that he is a “partner for peace.”

This morning comes news that the “intelligence services” of the Palestinian Authority (read “hired PLO thugs) have arrested four Palestinian “activists” because they planned to assassinate senior PLO officials (read “Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies”). They have been chucked into prison where they are now being interrogated (read “tortured”).

Once confessions are obtained, we can expect a speedy trial and executions.

On the same note, Abbas expelled Jihad Tummaleh from Fatah yesterday. Tummaleh, as you may not know, is a supporter of Muhammad Dahlan, an Abbas antagonist who has long been touted as a possible Abbas replacement–however, he was deported from Ramallah five years ago.

Two other Dahlan supporters were expelled from Fatah two weeks ago.

To make a long story short, it is business as usual in Ramallah these days as an 81-year-old, increasingly ill dictator tightens his grip on power.

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