Peres Funeral Intrigues

Elul 27, 5776

September 30, 2016


*Palestinian terror unreported in the Israeli or international media yesterday*

There were more than 25 terror attacks targeting Israelis in the last 24 hours. From early in the morning to late at night Palestinian terrorists attacked with “rocks”, Molotov firebombs, and any other method they could use.

A short summary:

! A car of the Jerusalem Light Rail System was damaged when hit by “rocks” in Shuafat.

! Israeli buses were damaged at Beit Ummar and Lamagdil.

! Israeli cars were damaged near Auja, Malik, Benjamin, Abu Dis, Psagot, Silwan, Azzun, the Mt. of Olives, Givat Assaf, Ofra, Beit El, Turmus’ayya, and Tahsin.

In each of these cases–whether on the train, in the buses, or in cars Israelis were wounded–both physically and traumatically.


Of course, all the news is about the funeral of Shimon Peres. And what are the big news items?

Will PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas attend the funeral or not? First he said he wouldn’t, then he said he would, then he said he wouldn’t, now he says he will. Apparently if he does, then the Israeli public will be barred from attending because of security concerns.

Did, the media wonders,  Shimon Peres receive the Nobel Peace Prize because of Bill Clinton’s behind-the-scenes manipulations? It has long been rumored that the original receivers were to have only been Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat, but that Peres was included at the last minute. With Clinton’s arrival yesterday, the question is being reasked.

How, the media wonders, will Israeli travelers and drivers cope with the airport and traffic nightmare today? With Obama landing in a few hours, some 100,000 Israelis who are transiting in and out of Ben Gurion airport will be delayed in both directions; the situation on the roads into and in Jerusalem is impossible with road closures in every direction.

Will, the media wonders, Obama meet with Netanyahu or not? Early reports were that they would only meet at the cemetery; now it is being suggested that they may have a brief meeting afterward–especially since Netanyahu has already had a meeting with Bill Clinton. In any case, Obama is flying out of Israel just as soon as he can following the funeral.

Why, the media wonders, didn’t Bougie Herzog get a speaking slot at the funeral? Herzog has been crying for the last 24 hours that he was denied a prime-time spot, and that in fact, “no one on the left” was given a chance to speak.  As it currently stands, President Rivlin will speak first, followed by Peres’ three children, Bill Clinton, Amos Oz,  and then President Obama. Why Obama is speaking is anyone’s guess.

Stay tuned.


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