Noam Schalit: A Bizarre Example of Stockholm Syndrome Once Removed

All Times Are ‘Israel Time’

UPDATE (5:00 am Friday): The absurd one-sided ‘ceasefire’ continues.  Another terrorist rocket fired at Sderot two and a half hours ago. All schools are canceled today in Ofakim, Gan Yavne, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Kiryat Gat and Beersheva because of terrorist rocket threat.

UPDATE (11:00 pm Thursday): The absurd one-sided ‘ceasefire’ continues. 9:56: Palestinian terrorist rocket hits Chof Ashkelon region. 9:21: Palestinian terrorist rocket hits western Negev.

UPDATE (9:00 pm Thursday): The absurd one-sided ‘ceasefire’ continues. (8:58) Two minutes ago two Qassam rockets fired at the western Negev. (8:43) Two Grad rockets fired at Ashdod–one intercepted by the Iron Dome system. Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, and Benny Gantz do nothing but sit in their offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. By the way, Islamic Jihad has just announced that if Israel violates the ‘ceasefire’, it will send even more rockets. Unbelievably pathetic.

UPDATE (6:00 pm Thursday): The absurd one-sided ‘ceasefire’ continues. At 5:05 pm there was an incoming rocket alert for Lachish and northern Negev regions. At 4:08 there was a missile strike on Eshkol Regional Council–no prior alert sirens. At 12:23, a rocket struck near a school in Netivot. At 10:31, there was an incoming rocket alert for Beersheva.  The IDF unbelievably and shamefully announced to the terrorists in Gaza yesterday that it will not respond to Grad and Qassam attacks on southern Israel “for the time being.”

A 19 year old female IDF soldier was stabbed in the chest and hand by a Palestinian terrorist from Qalandiya while on the Jerusalem Light Rail train today. The stab wound to the chest missed her heart by inches, but she is expected to recover. The terrorist was captured and confessed to the attempted murder.


Noam Schalit: a tireless campaigner for his son's release, now an apologist for his terrorist Palestinian captors.

Dear readers, you remember Gilad Schalit–the Israeli soldier who was kidnapped by terrorists and held in Gaza for over five years. You may also remember Gilad’s father, Noam Schalit, who courageously traveled the world during Gilad’s captivity tirelessly campaigning for his son’s release.

During this time, Noam Schalit became somewhat of a media personality himself giving daily interviews and updates as to what he and his wife were doing to try to recover their son.

In this latter context, it came as no surprise that almost as soon as Gilad was released Noam announced that he would run for the Knesset in the next elections as a member of the Labor Party. He also announced a couple of months ago that he wanted to write a book about his son’s ordeal–only to have to retract that announcement when Gilad rejected the idea.

But Noam hasn’t stopped giving interviews to anyone who will listen, including a bizarre one yesterday in which he said that if he were Palestinian, he would try to kidnap IDF soldiers. Noam was also asked if he would be in favor of negotiating with Hamas: “I am in favor of speaking to anyone who wants to talk to us.”

The curious thing about Noam Schalit is the extent to which he, unlike Gilad, identifies with his Gilad’s captors. It is an obvious case of Stockholm Syndrome, once removed.

Can you even begin to imagine the reaction of all the parents of IDF soldiers to Schalit’s comments? Noam Schalit has gone from being a profile in courage to an object of revulsion.

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