Of Dogs And Little Girls: The Cynical Use of Photographs To Attack Israel

UPDATE: 5:00 pm Saturday Israel Time. Since yesterday’s blog, the “ceasefire” has remained intact–Israel has not fired a shot. On the other hand, the terrorists in Gaza have fired two missiles and two mortars at the citizens of southern Israel. This is what the IDF ridiculously calls “relative calm.”


In the midst of ongoing missile fire from Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and now supposedly Al-Qaeda in Gaza–all of which is designed to terrorize and kill Israeli men, women, and children, the following picture went around the world yesterday:

A police dog holding down a Palestinian "protester". Who was at fault: the dog or the "protester"?

The captions under the picture ranged from “Palestinian Protester Bitten By IDF Dog” to “IDF Dog Injures Palestinian Protester” to “An Israeli Police Dog Bites A Palestinian Protester” to “Military Dog Assaults Palestinian Demonstrator”. Of course, all of these “stories” focused on what the dog did–not what the “protester” did.

What actually happened was this.

Every Friday following services at the local mosque, Palestinian Muslims and Israeli leftists join up and head out to confront Israeli security personnel throughout Judea and Samaria–wherever they can find them. They normally throw “rocks”, burning tires, and anything else they can find at the IDF, Border Guards, or local police.

In this particular case yesterday which took place in the town of Qaddum, the “protesters” were throwing “rocks” and burning tires at officers of the Border Guard.  One particular “protester”, Ahmad Shatwi, charged an officer with a rock in his hand–and instead of shooting bullets, rubber bullets, or even tear gas at the onrushing man, the policeman let his dog defend him.  

And so the dog did.

Look back at the photograph and notice what the dog is holding in its mouth.

It took 10 minutes for the dog’s teeth to be pried from the man’s arm. An Israeli medic treated Shawti for what turned out to be a “mild” injury to his hand, after which Shawti was arrested.

The other so-called “protesters” howled to the media that the dog attack and arrest was unjustified and another example of Israeli “brutality”.  Your humble servant wonders what they would have said if Shawti had simply been shot.

The way that this photograph is being used once again raises the cynical use of photographs to attack Israel.

This past week we had the unbelievable case of a United Nations  worker, Khulood Badawi tweeting the following photograph around the world during the Palestinian missile barrage on southern Israel in order “to show the barbarity of the Israeli attack on Gaza” (an attack that never took place). The photograph went out under this caption: “Palestine is bleeding. Another child killed by Israel. Another father carrying his child to a grave in Gaza.”

The picture in the tweet from the U.N. worker: another cynical use of a photograph to attack Israel (courtesy Honest Reporting).

Fortunately, the reality is that the picture was taken in 2006 of a girl who had been badly injured after falling off a swing on a Palestinian children’s playground. The girl recovered.

Your humble servant’s advice: don’t believe any pictures you see emanating from Palestinians in Gaza, or their apologists, or from leftists in Israel.  

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