The IDF General Staff And Its Deliberate Dissemination of Misinformation

UPDATE (6:00 pm Sunday): The last 24 hours has seen only one launch from the Palestinian terrorists in Gaza–and it failed, no thanks to the IDF General Staff. So now, the South enters the “relative calm” that the same General Staff so “desperately” sought. By tomorrow, we will begin to see a steadily increasing trickle of rocket fire which will culminate in another “phase” of barrages like the ones that occurred in August and November of last year–and again ten days ago.


The architects of Israel's pathetic response to the terrorists in Gaza: Gantz, Netanyahu, and Barak.

Your humble servant would like to preface his remarks today with praise for the young men and women who fight for the IDF.  The contrast between their fighting spirit and that of the IDF General Staff who lead them has never been more pronounced.

On the one hand you have young men and women who are bravely ready to fight for their country; on the other hand you have a group of passive and craven General Staffers who have indicated through their endless, hollow, threatening bluster, their willingness to sacrifice the citizens of southern Israel.

But there is more to southern Israel’s disenchantment with the IDF than the General Staff’s pusillanimous inaction–there is also the issue of the General Staff’s deliberate dissemination of misinformation. It is a dissemination designed to mask what a poor job the IDF General Staff is doing to fight the terrorists in Gaza, and to mislead the Israeli populace as to the scale of what is actually transpiring.

Ever since the missile barrages of last summer and Fall, your humble servant has been pointing out to readers of this blog that the IDF General Staff has been deliberately misreporting the number of missiles striking Israel.  In August, we often heard Grad explosions close enough to rattle our house in Ashdod–but remarkably, no mention was ever made of those explosions by any spokesmen of the IDF. The same was true in communities all over the South, and the story was the same in the Fall.

That is why israelstreet began to rely on a combination of sources–and primarily on a system of people on the ground in southern communities–to report events as they happen; it was at this time that this website began reporting “unofficial and official” missile strikes. “Unofficial” simply means that a person on the ground has reported that a missile strike has occurred–but that the IDF and mainline media are not acknowledging it.

Hence, the numbers reported on israelstreet always have always been higher than those reported anywhere else.

Take the most recent round that took place between Friday evening March 9–and the supposed ceasefire on Tuesday March 13.  As of 11:00 pm last Tuesday, israelstreet reported that the situation was much worse than was being reported–with 292 missiles having hit Israel–unlike the 222 number being reported by the IDF spokesman at the same time.  A few hours earlier on Tuesday, some of the Israeli news media were actually reporting that only 90 rockets had been fired at southern Israel–based on the figure given by the IDF spokesman on Monday.

Now we come to yesterday, and the IDF’s latest brazen announcement that actually “more than 300 rockets” hit Israel between Friday and Tuesday–a number that the IDF suddenly and bizarrely finds “impressive”. 

Why has the IDF suddenly seen fit to ‘somewhat’ reveal  how many missiles were actually fired?  Because in the IDF’s judgment, it doesn’t make any difference anymore that Israelis know the truth. And with few to no missiles now falling, the IDF can claim that it was responsible for stopping such intense rocket fire.

In fact, in another totally self-serving piece of blithering nonsense today, the IDF wants to claim that it dealt Hamas and Islamic Jihad such a “severe blow”  that the terrorist organizations were “begging” Egypt to convince Israel to accept a ceasefire.

Of course, nobody in southern Israel believes a word of this.




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