The Horrific Carnage in Toulouse: “Why Does It Not Seem Odd?”

UPDATE (6:00 pm Wednesday): No terrorist incidents reported in the last 24 hours.


The Sandler family--the Rabbi holding the hands of his two sons--all three were slaughtered.

In a normal world, the following aspects of the horrific murders of Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, his two sons (3-year-old and 6-year-old Gabriel and Arieh), and 7-year-old Miriam Monsonego would seem odd–but sadly, they don’t seem odd at all to your humble servant. 

1. Why does it not seem odd that the confessed murderer, Mohammed Merah–a French citizen of Algerian descent–had been arrested for bomb making in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar in 2007 and broke out of prison during a Taliban prison break, but was allowed to return unimpeded to France?

2. Why does it not seem odd that the French authorities apparently knew all about Merah, even to the point of  suspecting that his gun and scooter were involved in previous attacks, and had already questioned him about the murders of three French soldiers–and yet did nothing to track him and prevent him from carrying out the attack at the Jewish school?

3. Why does it not seem odd that Merah has told the police through the door of his house this morning that he is an Islamist, a Salafist, a Jihadist, and a Mujahadeen warrior–and yet the French Islamic community is claiming no knowledge of him and is silent about the murders?

4. Why does it not seem odd that the reason Merah has given police for the murders at the school seems to be based exactly on the outrageously false statement uttered by U.N. representative Catherine Ashton the day before that suggested that “Israel is murdering Palestinian children”.

5. Why does it not seem odd that the murderous Islamist killer grabbed seven year old Miriam Monsonego by the hair and shot her, then lifted up her head as she lay bleeding on the floor, and fired additional bullets into her head.

Miriam Monsonego: the 7 year old girl who was shot repeatedly in the head by the Islamic "warrior".

6. Why does it not seem odd that at the time this blog is being written, the terrorist is still sitting alone in his house surrounded by over 300 French police–who refuse to attack the house and capture him?

Please allow me to tell you (as if you don’t already know) why none of these facts seem odd.

They don’t seem odd because the whole world knows that Islam is not a religion of peace; the whole world knows that the police in the West are paralyzed by political correctness; the whole world knows that institutions such as the United Nations perpetuate terrorism; and the whole world knows that Muslim fanatics are among the most vicious people on the face of the planet.

We all know these facts, and yet we do nothing to combat or change them. What have you done to combat or change them today?  


The tragic funeral of the four Toulouse victims took place this morning at the Har HaMenuchot cemetery in Jerusalem.


The victims of Toulouse were buried in Jerusalem this morning in a funeral attended by thousands.


The mother of Miriam Monsonego at the funeral this morning.

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