A New Normalcy For A New Israel

UPDATE (7:07 pm Thursday): Incoming missiles siren for Ashkelon Chof region of southern Israel.

UPDATE: (5:00 pm Thursday): The latest news from Israel is in the israelstreet breaking news column to the right.  In case you have not already heard or read the news, Mohammed Merah–the “bold Islamic warrior” who slaughtered three Jewish children and the father of two of them in Toulouse–died this morning after falling out of his apartment in a hail of gunfire. Preliminary reports are that he was shot in the head.


There has been heavy terrorist activity over the last 24 hours with “rock” throwing incidents against Israeli motorists and light rail trains, full-on Molotov cocktail attacks on IDF posts, mortar fire against IDF patrols, and missiles fired at southern Israel.

Did you get all of that?  “Rocks”, Molotov cocktails, mortars, missiles: what would you think if all of this “activity” were happening around you? Would you think that this was normal? Or would you think that a war was going on?

What is sad is that this is now “normal” in Israel, and Israelis–most of whom live outside of the “war zones”– are increasingly accepting of it as normal. 

As your humble servant has been blogging for months, the situation has been slowly deteriorating in Judea and Samaria.  As the attention of the police has absurdly turned toward Jewish community members, the attention of the police and IDF has turned away from Palestinian terroristswho are now staging daily and nightly attacks on individuals, army patrols, and even IDF posts.

And as I report on continuously, the missile and mortar fire from Gaza never stops. As you can see from the column on the right, 46 missiles and mortars have been fired into Israel in the last week since the latest absurd “ceasefire” was established. Three more rockets and mortars were fired by the Palestinian terrorists in Gaza last night. The Israeli press is now calling this a “lull”.

Again think about this. 46 missiles and mortars in 7 days is a “lull”.  6 or 7 missiles and mortars a day is the new “normal”.

The new normal is a war of attrition by the Palestinians against Israel. And it is a war that the Palestinians are winning simply because of Israel’s sudden craving for international approval.

There was a time when Israel would act to save its citizens. Think of Entebbe. Think of the raid on the Iraqi nuclear reactor. Think of the attempt to drive the Palestinian terrorists out of Lebanon. Think of building the separation fence. All of these were brave actions taken because saving Israeli lives was more important than world opinion.

But now, Israel finds itself partially paralyzed by the United Nations, the European Union, and even the Egyptians–all of whom will delegitimize Israel no matter what action it takes. It is a paralysis that grows everyday, and a paralysis that Israel bizarrely seems to grow more comfortable with everyday.

This is the new normalcy and the new Israel.






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