The Distinctive Reek of Pusillanimity Pervades The News


UPDATE (6 pm) Tuesday: Today has seen the usual gamut of activities in Israel. There have been incidents of “rock” throwing in Judea and Samaria, and residents of Beersheva reported an incoming rocket siren this morning at 10:15.


The distinctive reek of pusillanimity pervades the news today. Herewith your humble servant’s list of the top 4 cowards:

1. Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France.

Al Jazeera and its Paris Bureau Chief Tarrouche Zied revealed today that Mohammed Merah (or one of his accomplices) had sent a disk to the “news” network with recordings of Merah’s ‘heroic’ killings. Zied went on to unsurprisingly say that Al Jazeera was “thinking about” broadcasting the videos (remember the Daniel Pearl beheading video?). This was followed by a plea from Sarkozy not to broadcast “out of respect for the victims and respect for the Republic.”

Bravely spoken Sarkozy. Of course you could have simply said: “If you broadcast the videos, the French government will take away your broadcast license!” But that would be too much to expect from a coward. By the way, Al-Jazeera may not broadcast the videos in France, but you can be sure, dear reader, that these ‘snuff’ videos will go viral on the Arab internet.

2. Yitzhak Aharonovitch, Israel Public Security Minister

Aharonovitch had this to say during one of his rare visits to southern Israel yesterday: “Hamas and other groups are firing rockets into Israel every day or two days, the solution is to be more aggressive.” Aharonovitch continued by acknowledging that, on the other hand, it is “undesirable” to be dragged into battles in Gaza.

Bravely spoken Minister Aharonovitch. Now run back to your safe office in Jerusalem and spend your time thinking about how to harass Jewish community members in Judea and Samaria. What else can one expect from a coward?

3. Marwan Barghouti, Senior commander of Fatah’s military wing Tanzim (currently serving 5 life terms in Israel prison for 5 murders)

From the safety of his prison cell, Barghouti published a letter yesterday calling on the Palestinian public to launch a widespread resistance against Israelspecifically urging an economic, diplomatic, and security coordination boycott with the Jewish state: “The Palestinian Authority must stop all coordination with Israel – economic and security – and work toward Palestinian reconciliation.” 

Bravely spoken Marwan. For Barghouti of course, “reconciliation” with Hamas means engaging in war–it was just weeks ago that members of Barghouti’s Tanzim were helping their Hamas brothers fire rockets into southern Israel.

Barghouti’s missive makes one think of other famous letters from prison such as Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” which urged true reconciliation, not war. But one cannot expect such words from such a coward as Barghouti.

4. Ehud Olmert, former Prime Minister of Israel

Speaking at J Street’s gala dinner in Washington last night, Olmert proclaimed to the small but adoring audience that Mahmoud Abbas–the same Abbas who turned down Olmert’s own absurdly generous offer of peace back in 2007–“wants peace with Israel.” J Street’s new hero, who faces a series of indictments on charges of bribery and abusing the public trust, criticized Benjamin Netanyahu for “stalling the peace process.”

Bravely pandered Ehud–how much money do you receive for traveling the world criticizing your country’s elected government?






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