President Obama: Selling Out Israel For A Song

UPDATE: 7 pm Saturday: At 5:57 pm, an Israeli motorist driving near Qalqilya was assaulted with a bottle thrown against his windshield.


Turkish PM Erdogan with Iran's supreme Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: two of the leading Israel haters in the world.

Dear reader, try to wrap your mind around this:

President Obama, the same president who announced just last month that he “has Israel’s back”, meets in Seoul with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan–one of the most stridently anti-Israel leaders on the planet–and asks him to deliver a message to Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei–one of the most stridently anti-Israel leaders on the planet.

And what is that message?

That the United States will now accept a Iranian civilian nuclear program if only Ali Khamenei will promise that “Iran will never pursue nuclear weapons.”

Let’s repeat that: President Barack Obama has used a stridently anti-Israel emissary to send a message to the ayatollahs in Iran that all it takes now is a “promise” for the United States to sign off on the Iranian nuclear program.

Astonishingly unbelievable.

It is astonishingly unbelievable that President Obama has suddenly decided to accept Iran’s nuclear program.

It is astonishingly unbelievable that President Obama–or anyone else– could possibly believe that Iran is not on the road to producing nuclear weapons.

Given this latest turn of events, it is absurd for anyone to believe anything that President Obama says about Iran.  If only Ali Khamenei will promise that no nuclear weapons will be produced?

Your humble servant is really forced to wonder what bizarre combination of naivete, gullibility, and sheer disregard of Israel possesses President Obama. 

Just the idea that President Obama would believe anything that the Grand Ayatollah would tell him should give all rational people pause for thought.




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