Iran: “Positive”, “Constructive”, “Engaging”, “Serious”, “Useful”, “Completely Different”

UPDATE (6pm Saturday): Palestinians have been captured in the Sinai as they attempted smuggle weapons from Libya to the terrorists in Gaza.


The convivial scene in Istanbul this morning: note the smiling Iranians to the right of the picture (identified by their lack of "neckties").

What a difference a morning makes. Iran has gone from being the international pariah to the international darling in four short hours.

To a West desperately craving Iranian love, the unctuous Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili struck all the right notes today in Istanbul as he met with the spineless representatives from the United States, Russia, China, Germany, France and Britain.

Characterized by one diplomat as “calm and constructive”, Jalili had these countries eating out of his hand by lunchtime. Michael Mann, spokesman for E.U. Foreign Policy Baroness Buffoon Catherine Ashton, bordered on ecstatic: “They met in a constructive atmosphere. We had a positive feeling that they did want to engage.”

By late this afternoon, Jalili had even accepted the U.S. envoy’s request for a bilateral meeting to discuss what your humble servant suspects are ways for the Obama Administration to formulate “proof” that the Iranians are not really engaging in nasty nuclear weapons production after all.

As part of the Iranian charm offensive, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi even penned a harmonious op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday “pleading” with those in the talks in Istanbul to show a “willingness and readiness to both give and take, without preconditions” and to make “genuine efforts to reestablish confidence and trust” with his country.

Never mind that reports from the conference leaked out tonight suggesting that there had been considerable Iranian “defiance and disagreement” during the afternoon sessions, and never mind that reports had surfaced that a German vessel under charter to a Ukrainian shipping company had been stopped in the Mediterranean carrying fresh Iranian weapons to the murderous Assad regime in Syria.

By nightfall, in an attempt to rehabilitate Iran,¬† every diplomat in Istanbul was using words like “positive”, “constructive”, “engaging”, “serious”, “useful”, “completely different” to describe the actions of the Islamist ayatollah dictatorship in Tehran.

Your humble servant just has three words to describe the Istanbul appeasement debacle: absolutely, positively pathetic.



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