The Fiasco Of Releasing Palestinian Terrorist Prisoners: Khader Adnan and Abu Snena

UPDATE 6 pm Tuesday: Palestinians riot near several Israeli prisons during the day to mark “Prisoner’s Day” throwing “rocks” at Israeli security personnel.


As today’s update notes, Tuesday is “Prisoner’s Day” in Israel. It is a day on which Palestinians in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza celebrate their “heroes” currently interned in Israeli prisons–“heroes” whose crimes range from attempting to kidnap Israeli soldiers to the murder of Israeli civilians.

Terrorists in Gaza burning an Israeli flag today to celebrate "Prisoner's Day".

Currently, there are approximately 4000 Palestinian criminals in Israeli jails, 300 of whom are being held in “administrative detention”. This form of detention is used to hold prisoners who are believed to be an imminent threat to carry out a terrorist act or who are known to be inciting others to carry out terrorist acts.

What makes this “Prisoner’s Day” different is that today is the day that Khader Adnan is being released. A spokesman for the violent terrorist group Islamic Jihad, Adnan carried out a 66 day hunger strike from mid-December 2011 through the first part of February 2012 to protest his administrative detention and in the process became an international cause celebre.

And in what can only be described as one of the most absurd decisions in the history of the Israeli penal system, Israeli prison officials agreed in February to release Adnan early (today) if only he would stop his hunger strike.

And what is the result?  Not only is a violent criminal back out on the streets of Judea and Samaria but also 3500 of the aforementioned Palestinian prisoners refused meals today–and 1200 more criminals have declared an open-ended hunger strike.  As Adnan’s wife Randa correctly pointed out yesterday: “He began the first step for the rest of the prisoners.”

So what is Israel going to do now? Release all of these terrorists?

In a related development today, Israel’s Shin Bet security service has released information concerning Abu Snena, one of the prisoners who was released in exchange for Gilad Schalit (Snena, who lived in Samaria, was deported to Gaza).

It turns out that from the moment of his release, Snena has been actively attempting to recruit terrorists in Judea and Samaria to kidnap more Israeli soldiers. Shin Bet intercepted this letter written recently written by Snena, and sent from Gaza to his family:

“The first stage must focus in the establishment of a cell and arming it with all the necessary equipment. The members should be trained on straightforward attacks. The attack should be announced only after the fact and in code word.”

Following the creation of a terrorist cell, a soldier should be kidnapped: “A live captive should be visited at least once a week and given food and water, and should be hidden in a house, a farm or a work place. The captive should not be hidden in remote locations, caves, or woodlands unless it’s a dead body or the captive’s head.”

Unless it’s a dead body or the captive’s head.

Abu Snena, former terrorist prisoner of Israel, is how operating freely in Gaza; Khader Adnan, former terrorist prisoner of Israel has just been released and is now operating freely in Samaria.

Who will be the next Israeli to be killed because of the decisions to release these terrorists?

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