Cracks In the Likud-Kadima “Unity” Government Already Begin To Form

UPDATE 9:40 pm Wednesday. Incoming Palestinian terrorist rockets from Gaza targeting the men, women, and children of southern Israel: 9:06 rocket sirens in Netivot; 9:11 rocket sirens in the Chof Ashkelon region; 9:18 rocket sirens Sha’ar Hanegev; 9:28 rocket sirens in many southern communities; 9:32 two rockets explode (location not revealed): 9:37–3 minutes ago– rocket sirens again in Netivot.

UPDATE 6 pm Wednesday: There has been continued Palestinian terrorist activity in Judea and Samaria overnight including attempts to kill Jewish community members by throwing “rocks” and firing weapons at Israeli motorists. 


Part of Beit El's Ulpana neighborhood that the Israel Supreme Court has ordered demolished.

It hasn’t taken long for cracks to emerge in the Likud-Kadima unity government. While the two parties seem to have reached an ideological agreement to throw out the old Tal Law exempting full-time yeshiva students from national service and on the importance of changing the system of government, there is distinct disagreement about razing Ulpana, the Jewish community neighborhood in Beit-El (the community town that is ground zero for Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Yesterday, just hours after a press conference in which Netanyahu (Likud) and Mofaz (Kadima) extolled the virtues of unity, Mofaz had this to say about Ulpana: “I believe in the rule of law in Israel and we will devise a solution accordingly”. This statement is no surprise, coming as it does from the leader of the party of appeasement, a party committed to removing all Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria at distance from the Green Line.

In fact, espousing belief in the “rule of law” has become the new way of expressing contempt for Jewish community members–as if these brave people are somehow not following the rule of law. Here’s what Ehud Barak said about Ulpana three weeks ago: “At the end of the day we are responsible for the rule of law, we are responsible for Israel being a normative country among advanced nations and we are additionally responsible for somehow finding a solution for the Ulpana neighborhood.”

All of this is contrasted with Netanyahu’s long expressed desire for a way to be found to leave the Ulpana neighborhood in place. Yesterday he commented that “This is a serious situation and we are giving it serious thought.” In recent weeks, Netanyahu’s inner security cabinet had asked the Attorney General to petition the Israel Supreme Court to postpone the demolition. The Supreme Court refused to do so, reaffirming its questionable finding that the neighborhood was built on “private Palestinian land” and ordering the government to act by July 1, 2012.

It is being suggested today that should Netanyahu continue to insist on “saving” Ulpana by introducing a law in the Knesset to protect it, then a number of Kadima Knesset representatives might leave Kadima and form a new party headed by none other than Tzipi Livni (who would not be a member of the Knesset herself).

And Ulpana is merely the tip of the iceberg, with the proposed evacuation of Migron soon to follow in August.

By the way, the attempt to swear in Shaul Mofaz as a cabinet minister ran into trouble in the Knesset late this afternoon when Netanyahu was forced to pull the vote after Knesset Members Uri Ariel of the National Union Party and Yitzhak Herzog of the Labor Party  demanded to know what “secret agreements” exist between Likud and Kadima.

Undoubtedly Mofaz’s nomination will go forward tomorrow–but the Likud-Kadima unity agreement does not seem quite so unified today.

As noted in recent blogs, a list of vocabulary for Israel supporters to begin using is appended to this blog (and every blog for the next month). As of today, I am also beginning to include some phrases to be aware of because of their misuse by those seeking to delegitimize.

1. Use ‘Judea and Samaria’ instead ofthe West Bank.

2. Use ‘Jewish community’ instead of settlement.

3.  Use ‘construction of Jewish homes, schools, and hospitals’ instead of settlement activity.

4. Use ‘new Jewish communities’ instead of outposts‘.

5. Use ‘Jewish community member’ instead of settler.

6. Use ‘conservative politicians’ instead of right-wing politicians‘.

7. Use ‘PLO’ or  ‘Palestine Liberation Organization’ instead of Palestinian Authority.

8. Use ‘Palestinian Islamic Terrorist Organization–HAMAS’ instead of merely Hamas.

9. Use ‘Israeli men, women, and children’ instead of  Israeli citizens‘.

10. Use ‘Palestinian cities’ instead of  Palestinian refugee camps.

11. Use Palestinian ‘settlements’ instead of  Palestinian ‘villages’ or ‘hamlets’.

12. Use Palestinian ‘settlers’ instead of Palestinian ‘farmers’ and ‘villagers’.

13. Use international ‘lawbreakers’ instead of international ‘activists’.

14. Use ‘the suicide bomber prevention fence instead of the ‘separation fence’ or ‘wall’.

15. Use ‘eastern Jerusalem’ or the ‘eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem’ instead of East Jerusalem. The city of Jerusalem must never be divided again.

Phrases to be aware of:

1. “The rule of law” in reference to the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. This phrase, which disgustingly suggests that the brave Jews in these communities do not follow the rule of law, really means that the person using it is seeking to delegitimize those communities.

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