Come Fly With Me On Palestinian Airlines!

UPDATE: 5 pm Thursday. Southern Israel was rocked by multiple (3) rockets fired by the terrorists in Gaza during a one hour spree last night. Israel may have a new government, but nothing has changed: not only was the number of missiles officially misreported (1), but also the IDF did nothing in response–not even bombing the usual empty smuggling tunnels and empty buildings.

Israel also had a number of fires overnight especially on the Golan Heights near Katzrin. It is not clear if these are arson related or connected to negligent handling of Lag B’Omer bonfires that were lit all over the country last night in celebration of the holiday.

At 12:22 this afternoon, Israeli motorists were pelted by “rocks” thrown by Palestinian terrorists near Tekoa.


Palestinian Airlines is up and flying--taking Gazans to Amman and soon to Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

It is ironic that as terrorist missiles were flying out of northern Gaza yesterday in terrorists’ attempts to kill Israeli children, women, and men, Palestinian Airlines (100% owned and operated by the PLO/Palestinian Authority) began flying out of the southern end of Gaza (well, not exactly, the airport is in El Arish).

That’s right. The “poor oppressed” Palestinians that the world likes to absurdly describe as being trapped “in the world’s largest outdoor prison” of Gaza, now have their own airline up and running.

Ever since Israel withdrew from every square millimeter of Gaza back in 2005, so-called “human rights activists” have never stopped saying that Gaza is somehow still under Israeli occupation because the territory is “blockaded.” This claim continues to be made despite the fact that the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt is open–and thousands of Palestinian Gazans come and go.

On Wednesday afternoon, Palestinian Airlines Director General Zeyad Albad made this announcement: “We started yesterday from Amman to El-Arish and from El-Arish to Amman. We are going to have flights from El-Arish to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) soon too, and we are trying to set up some new routes to Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.”

El Arish, in the northern Sinai, is about 30 miles (50 kilometers) from the Rafah crossing. In making the announcement, Director Elbad acknowledged that his poor “blockaded” Palestinians are not really blockaded at all: “It’s designed to help people who are coming out of Gaza to other places. Before now they had to go 400, 500 kilometers (250, 300 miles) to the nearest airport. It’s very difficult for them, especially for those with families and during the summer, so we are trying to relieve the pressure on them.”

So, dear reader, the next time you hear Israel’s delegitimizers talk about how Palestinians are living in a “cage”, invite them to take a summer trip on Palestinian Airlines–with all of the Palestinian Gazans who are on summer vacations with their families.

As noted in recent blogs, a list of vocabulary for Israel supporters to use and be aware of is appended to this blog.

1. Use ‘Judea and Samaria’ instead ofthe West Bank.

2. Use ‘Jewish community’ instead of settlement.

3.  Use ‘construction of Jewish homes, schools, and hospitals’ instead of settlement activity.

4. Use ‘new Jewish communities’ instead of outposts‘.

5. Use ‘Jewish community member’ instead of settler.

6. Use ‘conservative politicians’ instead of right-wing politicians‘.

7. Use ‘PLO’ or  ‘Palestine Liberation Organization’ instead of Palestinian Authority.

8. Use ‘Palestinian Islamic Terrorist Organization–HAMAS’ instead of merely Hamas.

9. Use ‘Israeli men, women, and children’ instead of  Israeli citizens‘.

10. Use ‘Palestinian cities’ instead of  Palestinian refugee camps.

11. Use Palestinian ‘settlements’ instead of  Palestinian ‘villages’ or ‘hamlets’.

12. Use Palestinian ‘settlers’ instead of Palestinian ‘farmers’ and ‘villagers’.

13. Use international ‘lawbreakers’ instead of international ‘activists’.

14. Use ‘the suicide bomber prevention fence instead of the ‘separation fence’ or ‘wall’.

15. Use ‘eastern Jerusalem’ or the ‘eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem’ instead of East Jerusalem. The city of Jerusalem must never be divided again.

Phrases to be aware of:

1. “The rule of law” in reference to the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. This phrase, which disgustingly suggests that the brave Jews in these communities do not follow the rule of law, really means that the person using it is seeking to delegitimize those communities.



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