Three Reasons We Should Love Hamas (as reported in the Israeli media yesterday)

UPDATE: 6 pm Friday. At 1:33 pm this afternoon, the entire Ashkelon region received an incoming terrorist rocket alert. It was later “officially reported” that one rocket had been fired by Palestinian Hamas terrorists who were trying to kill southern Israelis. No report on the emotional trauma caused by this attack.


In the last few days, the Israeli media has been absurdly bending over backwards to portray Palestinian Islamic terrorist Hamas as a “peace” organization. Three laughable stories from yesterday gave three more reasons why we should all love and embrace Hamas.

Reason number 1: Hamas is not really connected to Iran and won’t attack Israel if Israel  attacks Iran.

Ahmadinejad and Haniyeh earlier this year. But don't worry, Hamas is not really connected to Iran.

Here’s what Ismail Haniyeh had to say:

“Hamas is a Palestinian movement that acts within the Palestinian arena and it carries out its political and field actions in a way that suits the interests of the Palestinian people. Iran did not ask anything from us and we think Iran is not in need of us.”

Is there really anyone in the world who believes that Hamas would not attack Israel? Hamas is already attacking Israel. Everyday. This afternoon. Four hours ago (see the update above). 

Reason number 2:  Hamas is a defender of free speech and literary expression.

Now, dear reader, this story is convoluted so bear with me. Yesterday a Palestinian Literature Festival with poets, writers, and bloggers was taking place in Gaza City in which the Israeli news media would have us believe that Hamas was being criticized (if you believe this you are more naive than I thought). Suddenly, armed Hamas men appeared, cut off the electricity, confiscated cameras, phones, and personal property, and threw the participants out of the venue.

But wait! It was all just a mistake! Three hours later, the Hamas chief of police in the area, his deputy, and a colonel visited the hotel where most of the participants were staying and said they would “open an investigation” into what had happened and return “all personal property that had been confiscated.”

Unlike the idiotic Israeli media, the Palestinians weren’t buying any of this nonsense. One Palestinian American “human rights activist”, Huwaida Arraf who is the co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement tweeted: “Shame on Hamas-run police for shutting down #PalFestGaza.  Utterly despicable behavior.”

Reason number 3. Hamas is really doing its best to stop missile fire at the men, women, and children of southern Israel.

This headline appeared in the Haaretz newspaper yesterday: “New Hamas Force In Gaza Is Foiling Rocket Attacks Against Israel.” The article goes on to say that a “300 man force” is now operating “24 hours a day” to prevent missile launches.

So far so good right? But here are the comedic kickers. It turns out that this group (if you really believe it exists) is under the direct command of Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hammad “who in the past has been considered an extremist in regard to Israel.” And Hammad, who has apparently suddenly evolved into a man of peace, is only targeting Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees.

The Haaretz story would have us believe that the Hamas group has the authority to arrest missile shooters–though “Islamic Jihad members are almost always released on the spot, however, due to understandings reach between the two groups.”

And what happens to the rockets and mortars that the Hamas group confiscates? “The rockets and/or mortars that are found are confiscated and transferred to Hamas.”

And what in the world would Hamas do with these rockets? Ask the residents of south Ashkelon who were bombed this afternoon.

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