The Absurd Transfer of Palestinian Terrorist Bodies Continues

UPDATE 6 pm Israel time Thursday.

An Israeli bus was attacked by “rock” throwing terrorists in Samaria this afternoon. No further details.


The bodies of 80 Palestinian terrorists were transferred to the PLO this morning and another 11 were handed over to Hamas.  Mark Regev, spokesman for PM Netanyahu, absurdly proclaimed that “We hope that this humanitarian gesture will . . .  serve as a means of building trust and help revive the peace process.” You may remember that one week ago, this blog reported that a “condition” of the return of the bodies was that there would be no Palestinian ceremony marking their return.

What a joke.

Mahmoud Abbas announced that there would be a full military “homecoming” ceremony for these “heroes” in Ramallah with every major Palestinian leader present–the caskets have already been draped in Palestinian flags; in Gaza, each “heroic martyr” will receive a 21 gun salute. And just exactly who are some these so-called “heroes”?

Here is a short list of just 17 of the terrorist murderers whose bodies and remains are being transferred:

*Homicide murderer Hassan Sarhana who blew himself up at a hitchhiking post for IDF soldiers near Ashkelon in 1996 killing a female soldier, Sgt. Hofit Ayyash, 20 years old from Ashdod.

*Homicide murderers Naasim Ja’Abri and Ahmed al-Qawasma, who blew themselves up on separate buses in Beersheva in 2004 slaughtering 16 Israelis: Shoshana Amos (64), Aviel Atash (3), Vitaly Brodsky (52), Tamara Dibrashvilli (70), Raisa Forer (55), Larisa Gomanenko (48), Denise Hadad (50), Tatiana Kortchenko (49), Rosita Lehman (45), Karine Malka (23), Nargiz Ostrovsky (54), Maria Sokolov (57), Roman Sokolovsky (53), Tiroayent Takala (33), Eliyahu Uzan (58), and Emmanuel Yosef (28).

The sixteen Israelis slaughtered in the Beersheva bus bombings.

*Homicide murderer Abdullah Badran, who blew himself up at the entrance to Tel Aviv’s Stage Nightclub in 2005 murdering 5 Israelis who were attending a birthday party: Yael Orbach (28), Yitzhak Buzaglo (40), Arik Nagar (37), Ronen Reuvenov (30), and Odelia Hubara (26).

*Homicide murderer Ramez Aslim, who blew himself up at the Cafe Hillel in Jerusalem’s German Colony on September 9, 2003, slaughtering Emil Tubol (52), Gila Moshe (40), Alon Mizrahi (22), Shafik Kerem (27) David Avizadris (51), Nava Applebaum (20)–who was getting married the next day, and Dr. David Applebaum, the head of the emergency room at Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

*Homicide murderer Ihab Abu Salim, who blew himself up at a hitchkiking post at the Tzifrin Army base, murdering 8 soldiers: Senior Warrant Officer Haim Alfasi (39), Chief Warrant Officer Yaakov Ben-Shabbat (39), Cpl. Mazi Grego (19), Capt. Yael Kfir (21), Cpl. Felix Nikolaichuk (20), Sgt. Yonatan Peleg (19), Sgt. Efrat Schwartzman (19), and  Cpl. Prosper Twito (20).

*Homicide murderer Hiba Dragma, who blew herself up at an Afula Mall in 2003, slaughtering 3 Israelis: Kiryl Shremko (22), Hassan Ismail Tawatha (41), and Avi Zerihan (36).

*Homicide murderer Hassan Abu Said, who blew himself up in Hadera’s shuk (market) in 2005, killing 6 Israelis: Michael Kaufman (68), Pirhiya Machlouf (53), Sabiha Nissim (66), Jamil Qa’adan (48), Ya’acov Rahmani (68), Genia Poleis (66).

*Homicide murderer Labib Azan, who blew himself up in July 1995 on Ramat Gan bus 20 blowing apart 6 Israelis: Mordechai Tuvya (38), Nehama Leibowitz (61), Zehava Oren (60), Rahel Tamari (65), Moshe Shkedi (75), and Zvia Hacohen (62).

*Khader Muhammad, Ziad al Zrir, Musa Awad, Madaha Muhammad, Muhammad al-Masri, and Ahmed Hamid who were killed by Israeli commandos at the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv in 1975 after they had butchered 8 Israeli hostages.

*Homicide murderer Mousa Ghanimat who attacked the Apropo Cafe in Tel Aviv in March 1997 slaughtering 3 Israeli women: Michal Avrahami (32), Yael Gilad (32), and Anat Winter-Rosen (32).

*Homicide murderer Ahmad Musharka who blew himself up near the entrance to Kedumim in 2006 slaughtering 4 Israelis: Rafi Halevy (63), Helena Halevy (58), Re’ut Feldman (20), Shaked Lasker (16).

How are the families of all of these and hundreds more of Israeli dead, murdered by the terrorists whose bodies have been transferred, supposed to feel?

Sometimes, your humble servant just wants to cry at the moon. What in the world is Benjamin Netanyahu thinking about? Suicide bombers, murderers, terrorists of all stripes glorified and exalted as heroes . . . how could this be construed as anything except inspiration for another generation of Palestinian terrorists?

Here’s what Hamas representative Fawzi Barhoum had to say this morning about Netanyahu’s “gesture for peace”: “When we receive the remains of those symbols of the national resistance of Palestinians, we can restore hope to achieve victory, release prisoners and liberate Jerusalem.”

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