The Israeli Flag On The Temple Mount In Jerusalem

UPDATE 6 pm Saturday:

An Egyptian court has found former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak guilty of complicity in the killing of demonstrators in Tahrir Square last year and sentenced him to life in prison. The Muslim Brotherhood immediately condemned the verdict as “too lenient.” Mubarak’s two sons were found innocent.


A picture that your humble servant took on the Temple Mount last year. I was standing in front of the Al-Aqsa Mosque looking northward across the courtyard at the Dome of the Rock--built on or near the site of the First and Second Temples (and with some of the ruins of the Second Temple which were still strewn around the Temple Mount at the time of the Dome's construction). The Islamic Wakf does not permit any Torah or any Jewish prayer or worship at Judaism's holiest place.

Several days ago, in a story that was overlooked by the mainstream media, it was reported that an Israeli flag had been waved in the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The details, however, are unclear.

One Arab version was given by Sheikh Azzam Al-Khatib, director of Islamic Religious Endowments in Jerusalem. Al-Khatib said that the Israeli police allowed 160 Israeli Border Guards and Special Forces to enter the mosque and further commented:

“During the period that these forces were roaming about the sanctuary; they brought out a large Israeli flag and started waving it around.”

Another Arab version from the Al-Aqsa Foundation was that “the group” that raised the Israeli flag was part of a larger group of 1300 tourists, 91 Jewish community members, and 185 uniformed soldiers. According to this report, the Jewish community members “practiced Judaic rituals” outside the mosque at a point called Sabeel Quatbay. The Foundation further reported that an Arab guard who tried to stop the soldiers from raising the flag was assaulted.

The Sabeel Quatbay (the Fountain of Quatbay)--a domed water fountain on the western esplanade of the Temple Mount where Jews were accused several days ago of performing "Judaic rituals." (the Dome of the Rock is visible in the background)

The Israeli police version delivered by police spokeswoman Luba Samri was simply that “a small flag” was held by a few soldiers who were immediately expelled from the mosque by a senior police officer.

The amazing aspect of the story is the collusion that took place between the Arab authorities and the Israeli police after “the incident”.  Sheikh Al-Khatib wrote a letter to the police calling the flag waving “a serious provocation” and demanding that those who waved the flag be punished.  Police spokeswoman Samri was quick to reassure Al-Khatib that the soldiers would “face disciplinary measures.”

In your humble servant’s opinion, whoever it was that lifted the Israeli flag deserves commendation instead of condemnation. I have long felt that Israel’s decision in 1967 to turn over the “religious” control of the holiest spot in Judaism to the Islamic Wakf based in Jordan was egregiously incorrect and utterly incomprehensible.

It is long past time to remove the Wakf from its position of authority and to fly the Israeli flag proudly over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Your humble servant has begun to recognize those of you who support Israel by donating to this website. In the coming days, I will include more information about how you can do this.








Several days ago, your humble servant began to recognize those of you who support Israel by donating to this website. In the coming days, I will include more information about how you can do this.


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