The Neverending Palestinian Terrorist War Against Southern Israel

UPDATE 6 pm Monday: At noon today, a Qassam rocket fired by Palestinian Hamas terrorists in Gaza attempted to kill men, women, and children in Sderot. No physical injuries have been reported, but the mental trauma is immeasurable. A brush fire that started at the site of the missile hit was quickly put out by local firefighters.


It is easy amidst the stories of Ulpana, illegal migrants, social justice marches, and governmental changes to forget the steady drumbeat of Palestinian Hamas terrorism aimed at the citizens of southern Israel–a terrorism that is rarely reported in the international media.

Consider the last three days alone.

At 4 am last Friday Staff Sgt. Nathaniel Moshiasvilli was shot to death near Kissufim as he and his Golani Brigade members intercepted (and subsequently killed) a Palestinian terrorist.

And why had the terrorist cut through the security fence? To kill or kidnap Israelis living in southern Israel.

Less than 12 hours later, terrorists fired a Qassam rocket that struck the Eshkol region.

And why did Palestinian terrorists fire that rocket? To kill or terrorize Israelis living in southern Israel.

The remains of Qassam rockets fired at Sderot alone. The pile increases daily.

And the list continues–on Saturday night/Sunday morning, the Israeli town of Sderot was the target of another Qassam attack, followed in short order by another rocket attack on Niram. 

Put aside for a moment the fact that the residents of Sderot and Niram were awakened in the middle of the night and had to run to their bomb shelters when the rocket sirens went off in order to avoid being killed. Can you even being to imagine the psychological trauma experienced by those in Sderot and Niram?

But the list goes on–by last night the Palestinians were firing mortar shells into the Eshkol region of southern Israel, followed by another Qassam attack.

And on–as you can see from the update above, yet another Qassam struck at Sderot today at noon.

Take a look at the numbers in the right hand column.  Since January 20 of this year, in just over 4 months, 454 rockets and mortars have been fired by Palestinian Hamas terrorists at southern Israel. And since the last so-called “cease fire” on March 13th–just over 10 weeks ago–102 rockets and mortars have targeted southern Israel.

The shame is that the Israeli government is willing to tolerate this ongoing attack. How would you feel if your life and home had been targeted 454 times in four months by terrorist rockets and mortars? Would you just sit there and take it? Or would you expect your government to act decisively to stop it?

I leave the answer to you, dear reader.

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