The Palestinians Will Never Be Ready For Peace With Israel

UPDATE 6 pm Israel time Sunday:

Police believe that five fires set this afternoon in the Jerusalem neighborhoods of  Armon Hanatziv, Har Homa, and Jabel Mukaber are the work of Palestinian terrorist arsonists. As of this hour, some of the fires are still burning despite the efforts of firefighting teams on the scene.


The last few days have seen another absurd flurry of Western activity to try and restart the nonexistent “peace process” between Israel and the PLO/Palestinian Authority, nonexistent because the PLO/Palestinian Authority refuses to make even one concession to peace.

In Washington on Friday, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, issued the following disingenuous statement: “We are continuing to work hard with both parties. We are doing what we can to support getting them back to the table.”

Why is this disingenuous? Because the U.S. is doing nothing except castigate Israel for its construction of Jewish homes, schools, and hospitals in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria–and nothing except give material support to the PLO/Palestinian Authority just to get the Palestinians to come back to the so-called “negotiating table.” 

Meanwhile, in France on Friday, PLO President Mahmoud Abbas met with new French President Francois Hollande who immediately let the world know where the French stand: “we must do everything to facilitate the recognition of a Palestinian state via a negotiated process.”

For his part, Abbas made journalistic headlines with his comment that he was ready to start “a dialogue” with Israel–but several hours later on board a flight back home with Arabic speaking reporters, Abbas immediately backtracked and issued new demands:

1. If Israel releases 123 more Palestinian prisoners, and allows the PLO/PA “security forces” to import more weapons into Judea and Samaria, the PLO/PA will engage in “one session of dialogue” with Israel.

And what does “one session of dialogue” mean? According to Abbas: “This does not mean that we would negotiate.”

2. If Israel freezes all construction of Jewish homes, schools, and hospitals in the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria, Abbas says that this “would pave the way for the resumption of the negotiations.”

Note that Abbas does not say that negotiations would begin–but merely that the “way would be paved.”  Who knows what further demands the Palestinians would make?

And what about all of the prisoners that Israel recently released? What about all of the bodies of dead terrorists that Israel just returned? What about the already heavily armed PLO/PA security forces?  What about . . . what about . . . what about . . .?  There is never an end to Palestinian demands no matter what gestures for peace that Israel makes.

By the way, what are Israel’s demands? None. Zero. Zilch.

For the thousandth time, Netanyahu said yesterday that he is ready for the resumption of talks without any preconditions whatsoever. The prime minister’s office released this statement last night: “Prime Minister Netanyahu has expressed his readiness to meet Palestinian President Abbas anywhere, any time.”

It should be obvious to everyone by this point that there will never be peace with the Palestinians because the Palestinians will never be ready for peace with Israel.  The endless, fruitless, attempt to bring the Palestinians back to the negotiating table (a table at which they never “negotiated” in the first place) is nothing more than a crude attempt by Western countries to serve their own interests–with no regard for the citizens of Israel.  

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