The Egyptian “Popular Revolution” That Was Actually A Military Coup

UPDATE 5 am Israel time Sunday:

Terrorists fired another Grad rocket at southern Israel last night–this time striking near Mitzpe Ramon. This attempt to kill Israeli civilians comes on the heels of Friday night’s attack near Ovda. It is now thought that both rockets came from the Sinai (see below).


General Hussein Tantawi, head of Egyptian SCAF, and deft political player.

As your humble servant has been reporting for some time now, there is no reason to believe that the Egyptian military will relinquish power any time soon (after all it has been in power since Nasser’s overthrow of King Farouk in 1952)–and, in fact, every reason to believe that the so-called revolution so lauded by leaders in the democratic West was little more than a military coup that replaced General Hosni Mubarak with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) headed by General Hussein Tantawi.

What has been striking during the last month is how SCAF has used the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court as its tool to squash what had been naively perceived as Egypt’s embrace of democracy–but what was in reality Egypt’s embrace of Islamist government.

While few were paying attention in the run-up to the Presidential election last month, the Court ruled the candidates it disliked (such as the Salafist candidate) as ineligible to run.

In the last few days, the Court overturned a law just passed by the recently elected Islamist-led assembly that would have barred Ahmed Shafik (another “former” military officer and Mubarak’s last Prime Minister) from being in yesterday and today’s final presidential election.

Then on Thursday, the Court declared the entire election for the Egyptian lower house of Parliament invalid–and summarily dissolved it. By yesterday morning, General Tantawi had already issued orders confirming that the Parliament is indeed dissolved, and that no member of Parliament is to be allowed in the Parliament building. Interestingly, there are no protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square this morning.

So where does this leave the Egyptian presidential race? The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohammed Morsi is likely to win–but win what?  He will be a president with no power except that which the military deigns to give him.

Egyptians quietly voting this morning--under the watchful eye of the military.

From Israel’s perspective, the return to Egyptian military rule–in effect, the return to the status quo–is a distinctly positive development. Supporting the fact that the Egyptian Islamist movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists is inherently undemocratic and anti-Israel at its core, there are reports that the rocket fire out of the Sinai during the last two days was actually orchestrated by Gazan Hamas at the behest of the Egyptian Brotherhood.

Since the ousting of Mubarak, the Sinai has become a hotbed of Islamist terror. Order needs to be restored–and it will most certainly not be restored by the very Islamists who foment the terror in the first place.

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