Current Missile Count at 9:45 pm: 107 . . . Southern Israel Remains Under Fierce Attack

UPDATE 9:45 pm–8:30 pm Israel time Wednesday

9:45 pm: A barrage of 5 missiles has just struck the northern Negev.

9:44 pm: Incoming terrorist rockets in Ashkelon.

9:42 pm: At least 4 missiles launched at kibbutz in Eshkol region.

9:35 pm: Incoming rocket alert for Eshkol region.

9:19 pm: Qassam rocket strikes Ashkelon. No details.

9:16 pm: Incoming rockets for Eshkol region.

9:15 pm: Hamas terrorists firing mortars at IDF positions in Kissufim.

9:12 pm: Three Qassam hits recorded in area of Ashkelon.

8:34 pm: Iron Dome intercepts incoming rocket in Chof Ashkelon region.

UPDATE 8:30 pm–5:45 pm Israel time Wednesday

8:13 pm: Incoming rockets for Sderot and Sha’ar Hanagev.

8:02 pm: Incoming rockets for Eshkol region.

7:42 pm: Incoming rockets for Eshkol region. Your humble servant heard the impact explosions while on Ashdod’s Topaz beach.

6:35 pm: Incoming rockets for Chof Ashkelon region.

UPDATE 5:45–12:30 pm Israel time Wednesday

5:33 pm: Incoming terrorist rocket sirens for Kfar Aza and northern Negev.

5:31 pm: Incoming terrorist rocket sirens for Chof Ashkelon region.

5: 27 pm: 3 rockets exploded in Chof Ashkelon region.

4:28 pm: Incoming terrorist rocket sirens for Kfar Aza, Yad Mordechai, Chof Ashkelon region. 2 rockets hit area.

4:17 pm: Incoming terrorist rocket sirens for Ashkelon and Eshkol region.

4:16 pm: Iron Dome intercepts rocket over Netivot.

3: 59 pm: Incoming terrorist rocket sirens for Ashkelon, Netiv, Chof Ashkelon.

3:40 pm: Two rockets hit Sha’ar Hanagev.

3:18 pm: Incoming terrorist rocket sirens for Eshkol region.

2:08 pm: Incoming terrorist rocket sirens for Chof Ashkelon region

1:54 pm: 4 Qassam rockets explode in the Sdot Negev region

1:43 pm: Incoming terrorist rocket sirens for Negev Regional Councils

UPDATE 12:30 pm–9:00 am Israel time Wednesday

11:57 am: Another five Qassam rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists have struck at the citizens of the Eshkol community. Two women were treated for emotional trauma, one vehicle was damaged, and a fire broke out at the landing site of one of the rockets. No warning sirens were heard prior to the strike.

UPDATE 9:00 am–6:15 am Israel time Wednesday:

8:20 am: Incoming rocket sirens for Eshkol Region.

8:12 am: Terrorist rocket hits area in Eshkol Region.

7:57 am: Incoming rocket sirens for areas around Gaza.

7:32 am: Incoming rocket sirens for Beersheva.

6:18 am: Two Qassam rockets explode in Eshkol Region.

UPDATE 6:15 am–4:15 am Israel time Wednesday:

In the last two hours:

6:17 am: Palestinians report a powerful explosion in Gaza City.

6:11 am: Shimon Peres praises Israelis in the south who are “brave in the face of the missile attack”.

6:06 am: Incoming rocket sirens for the Eshkol region.

Special Note at 4:15 am Israel time Wednesday..

Due to the continuing attacks on southern Israel by the Palestinian Hamas terrorists in Gaza, this blog will again be devoted to updates on the developing situation. 

It has been a sleepless night here in Ashdod with the constant whine of drones over our house, and numerous helicopters shuttling back and forth up and down the beach from bases in central Israel to Gaza.

As of the israelstreet 9:15 pm update last night, 40 Palestinian terrorist missiles had been fired into southern Israel in the preceding 24 hours. In the last seven hours, 12 more Grads, Qassams, and Fajr 4 missiles have been fired by Hamas at southern Israeli men, women, and children.  The IAF has attacked six targets in Gaza overnight (of course it is still “night” at this location)–your humble servant hopes that the six targets were more than the usual “smuggling tunnels” and “empty buildings.”

A sample of what has happened since 9:15 pm last night:

3:30 am–30 minutes ago: A Qassam rocket exploded in the Chof Ashkelon regional council.

2:16 am: Incoming rocket sirens for the Chof Ashkelon region.

2:01 am: Incoming rocket sirens for the Chof Ashkelon region.

12:04 am: Rockets fired from Gaza at undisclosed location in southern Israel.

10:12 pm: Grad rocket hit a police facility. Four border guards moderately injured by shrapnel.

10:09 pm: Three rockets were fired from Gaza at undisclosed location in southern Israel.

10:01 pm: Incoming rocket alarms for Yad Mordechai and Netivot.

9:21 pm: Hamas spokesman reports that Hamas is now firing long range Fajr 4 missiles.

Other news of the morning includes:

***The Jewish community of Beit El has apparently accepted the government proposal to peacefully evacuate the 5 buildings in the Ulpana neighborhood–on the government promise to immediately build 300 more apartments and to change the law regarding other structures in other communities that have allegedly been built on private land.

***There are rumors that former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been declared “brain-dead” following a stroke. Meanwhile, there remains no official count in the Egyptian presidential election with both sides (Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood and Ahmed Shafiq) claiming victory.

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