History Sickeningly Repeats Itself (Again) In Southern Israel

UPDATES 6 am Friday:

The Israeli media is reporting that two Palestinian rockets were fired at southern Israel last night. The facts on the ground tell a different story.

Throughout the evening, we heard and felt numerous explosions emanating from Ashkelon here at our position in far south Ashdod. At 10:39 pm, Ashkelon was hit without the warning of an incoming rocket siren. At 10:44 pm, the Iron Dome system shot down two missiles over Ashkelon. At 10:50 pm, there were incoming rocket sirens for Ashkelon and Chof Ashkelon. At 10:53 pm, there were two missile hits in the Kiryat Malachi and Beer Tuvia communities. At 10:58 pm, all of the communities around Gaza were sent running to bomb shelters by incoming rocket sirens. At 11:05 pm there were warning sirens for the Chof Ashkelon region and specifically for Netiv. At 11:11 pm, more missile explosions were reported in the Lachish region. At 11:17 pm, Ashkelon was struck again–and again at 11:37 pm.


From the above reports flooding in from the residents of southern Israel, it appears that at least 9 rockets and missiles struck Israel between 10:39 pm and 11:37 pm alone–a figure that closely correlates with what we experienced here in Ashdod.

Obviously, the government and its sycophantic lackeys in the mainstream media have no interest in reporting this because IDF action would be demanded, and peace negotiations would be ever more difficult to begin (as the rockets were falling yesterday, Shaul Mofaz was clownishly smiling and laughing at the White House and telling President Obama not to worry: “Peace negotiations with the Palestinians will resume shortly”). The preposterous government narrative this morning is that “the truce is holding.”

If all of this seems painfully familiar, it should. It is precisely the same cycle that repeats itself every three or four months here.

Just for edification this morning let’s take a walk down memory lane; here are some excerpts from previous israelstreet blogs–note how they precisely fit the situation in southern Israel this morning:

***From my blog “The Malicious Canard Of The Israeli Government: “Everything Is Back To Normal In The South” (August 27, 2011):

To begin with, no matter how much our Israeli government wants to deceptively dissemble, the ‘ceasefire’ that supposedly went into effect at 1 pm or 1 am yesterday (depending on whom you believe), does not exist. Since that ‘ceasefire’, the men, women, and children of southern Israel have had to suffer through numerous red sirens (sirens that announce impending rocket attacks) and have been assaulted by at least 3 rockets–1 Grad and 2 Qassams.

I say ‘at least’ because I am now convinced that the government is not reporting all rocket attacks. This is a position that was seconded by other residents of the Israeli south that ate dinner with us at our house in Ashdod last night. All of us commented on incidents of hearing loud explosions in the last 24 hours that could only have been the sounds of missiles hitting nearby. And yet no reports of any such strikes were made in the media or by the government. Ironically, as I reported in the israelstreet breaking news last night , four large explosions to the southeast of our position rocked our table and patio as we ate dinner.

It is painful to write this but under the guise of ‘not wanting to create chaos in the south’, your humble servant believes that the current government is wantonly playing with the lives of its citizens here. By announcing this Saturday morning that ‘relative calm’ (an absurd term that I addressed in my Jerusalem Post op-ed last week) has returned and southern residents can return to their routine lives, the government has ensured that citizens of southern Israel will be killed and injured.”

***From my blog Lessons Learned From the 48 Hour Weekend War (October 31, 2011):

“Nearly 90 Palestinian rockets have slammed into the communities of southern Israel since Saturday evening. They have killed one Israeli in Ashkelon, physically wounded at least 75, and exacted an emotional toll on the 1,000,000 of us who live here in the South.

Yet another meaningless ceasefire, the third in 24 hours, is currently in effect–the last rocket being fired at about 12:30 am this morning. Our Israeli Army, ironically called the Israel “Defense” Force, has told us that our children can return to their kindergartens and that our weddings can take place again. Our hollow leaders including Netanyahu, Peres, Barak, and Gantz are all out with new hollow threats this morning against Hamas–warning them “if you do this again, just see what will happen next time!”

Your humble servant can tell you, dear readers, what will happen next time: absolutely, positively nothing.”

***From my blog The Men, Women, and Children of Southern Israel: Nothing More Than Cannon Fodder December 10, 2011:

“The simple fact is that the IDF is afraid of . . . Hamas–so fearful that it will use every excuse in the book not to act.

So the pathetic sequence repeats itself over and over like a recurring nightmare: the IAF hits a terrorist cell, Hamas fires volleys of rockets against the citizens of southern Israel, and the IDF does nothing.

What do you think what would have happened if the terrorist Hamas missiles had struck Tel Aviv, or Netanya, or Herzliya, or Jerusalem?

The men, women, and children of southern Israel are nothing more to the IDF and to the Netanyahu government than cannon fodder–cravenly used by the IDF and the Netanyahu government to bear the brunt of every tiny attack against the terrorists in Gaza.”

We could go on and on. What we are settling back into is the usual “acceptable situation” in which Hamas fires 3 or 4 rockets a day–until in about two or three months from now, the terrorists fire between 150-300 Grads, Qassams, Fajr 4s, and mortars in a three day period.

Israel has no will to stop Hamas. Israel has no power to stop Hamas. The government of Israel has abandoned we Israelis in the South–and we all know it.

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