Samson And the Foxes: The Amazing Discovery At The Synagogue in Hukuk, Israel

UPDATE 8 am Israel time Tuesday:

Two loud explosions were heard in Sderot at 11:46 pm last night. There has been no official confirmation of missile strikes.

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Part of the mosaic found on the floor of a Jewish synagogue at Hukuk, Israel--see meaning of inscription below.

This blog yesterday focused on how UNESCO systematically seeks to eradicate Israeli and Jewish history from its World Heritage choices. This morning, your humble servant was struck by this misleading headline in The Jerusalem Post about a significant Jewish archaeological discovery in northern Israel:

“Archaeologists Uncover Roman-era Synagogue: House of Worship Located Outside Town, Near Sea of Galilee, Where Jesus Preached”

This title was followed by the first paragraph of the article:

“Archaeologists digging just a few kilometers from the fishing village where Jesus is believed to have preached have uncovered a monumental Roman-era synagogue with an exquisite, colorful mosaic floor with fine female faces.”

Again, as in the inscriptions we saw yesterday, there is a deliberate effort here to de-Judaize what was found by using the phrases “Roman-era”, “Sea of Galilee” (Israelis only use the term ‘Kineret’), and “Where Jesus Preached”–all of which have Christian connotations.

Yet it turns out that the “Roman-era” to which the synagogue has been dated is not the time of Jesus at all –but some 400 years later during the early Byzantine period. And it turns out that the writing on the floor of the synagogue is not the Aramaic of Jesus but Hebrew.

And it turns out that the main story told in one of the mosaics is uniquely Jewish. It is the story of Samson–a visual depiction of Judges 15:4 in which Samson is described as placing torches between the tails of foxes.

And where exactly is the synagogue located? On a hill beside the remains of the uniquely Jewish city of Hukuk which originally was a city of cohanim (Jewish priests) from the tribe of Asher which later became the home of famed rabbis during the Mishnaic and Talmudic periods.

In sum, amazing archaeological finds like this one at Hukuk must be identified as the Jewish sites that they are because, in the face of ongoing attempts to de-Judaize the history of Israel, they show the intimate connection of Jews to the land of Israel, a connection that has had a continuous unbroken history for at least the last 3300 years.

By the way, the main Hebraic inscription found (seen in the picture above) reads: “may all of your labor be good deeds . . . peace.”  What have you done for Israel today?

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