How Do You Stay On The Cutting Edge? You Come To Israel

UPDATE 11 am Israel time Monday:

At 8:30 am, Palestinian terrorists drove a car at high speed into the A-Zaim checkpoint near Ma’ale Adumim and then tried to run down Border Guards at the checkpoint. One of the men riding in a passenger seat, Akram Badr, was shot to death, but the driver, inexplicably, managed to escape. IDF soldiers are currently searching the area. At 6:40 am IDF soldiers came under fire along the Gaza border close to Nir Oz. No reports of any casualties.


The people of the world flock to Israel for many reasons ranging from enjoying the sheer beauty of the country to exploring and broadening their religious heritage. A particularly heartwarming story this morning is that of “Kyril”, a 12 year old Latvian boy who flew to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa last week for an intricate medical operation to correct a defect that he had had since birth as a result of brachial plexus palsy.

Kyril--able to use his right hand for the first time after surgery at Israel's Rambam Hospital

The defect caused Kyril to be unable to use his right hand, but in a rare procedure, Israeli doctor Mark Edelman reoriented Kyril’s wrist 65 degrees and repositioned his shoulder bone with the help of an innovative locking plate placed in Kyril’s arm. One day later, Kyril was out of the hospital and using his right hand for the first time in his life.

Another reason that people (and countries) come to Israel is security. It may be a cliche, but the world is a dangerous place–and Israel has learned how to survive amidst more dangers than perhaps any other country.

Even a cursory look (Israel hosts security officials from almost a hundred countries each year) reveals the extent of Israeli security expertise:

*a Kenyan delegation has been in Israel to learn about counter-terrorism techniques to use in its battle against Somali Muslim extremists.

Kenyan security officials learning counter-terrorism techniques and strategies in Sderot.

*a Chinese delegation participated in the first-ever China-Israel Strategy and Security Symposium at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

*the OSCE-Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe sent specialists from its 56 countries to Israel in February to study at the Israel Cyber Security Institute in Herzliya to learn how to thwart computer threats to the European continent (in May, Nigerian experts were at the same Institute).

* A group of American TSA (transportation) officials and inspectors are currently in Israel studying Israeli security techniques and procedures at Ben Gurion airport. Another American delegation is studying the Elta ELM-2112 radar system for use along U.S. borders.

*An Indian delegation will arrive in Israel in August to study the construction and technology of Israel’s new fence with Egypt for use with its border fence with Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The list goes on and on. 

What your humble servant finds interesting is that no matter how much the world criticizes Israel, it knows that in medicine, agriculture, innovation, technology, security–and a hundred other areas, there is no place to learn quite like Israel. If you want to know what is on the cutting edge, you need to come here.


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