What Do the PLO, the Chinese Government, Thomas Friedman, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Barack Obama All Have In Common?

UPDATE 10 am Israel time Thursday:

In the last 24 hours: terrorist rockets were fired by Palestinians in Gaza against the people of  southern Israel, mortars were fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza against the people of southern Israel, an anti-tank missile was fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza against IDF soldiers on the southern Israel border with Gaza, and gunfire, probably from Palestinian terrorists operating in the the northern Sinai, was directed against Israeli construction workers along the new fence separating Israel from Egypt.

Think about it-4 different fronts of attack directed against southern Israel in the last 24 hours alone. And what does the world say? Absolutely nothing–there is no reportage of these ongoing assaults at all.  


Mitt Romney in front of the Western Wall in Jerusalem: a man of principle takes a principled stand.

“I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.” 

Franklin Roosevelt (“Portland Speech”, September 21, 1932)

Judging from the “enemies” that Mitt Romney made on on his recent trip to Israel, the Republican nominee for President of the United States must have said something that was exactly correct.

And even though your humble servant blogged about this several days ago, the ongoing criticism of Romney brings me back to the subject again today.

Most of the wrath of Romney’s enemies stems from six little words:

“Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel.”

*First from the PLO through its spokesman Saeb Erekat:

“We condemn his statements. Those who speak about the two-state solution should know that there can be no Palestinian state without East Jerusalem. What this man is doing here is just promoting extremism, violence and hatred, and this is absolutely unacceptable. His statements are just rewarding the occupation and aggression.”

Are you following this? By stating the historical fact that Jerusalem has been and will always be Israel’s capital, Romney is promoting extremism, violence and hatred? Your humble servant would suggest that it is the PLO’s failure to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital that is promoting extremism, violence and hatred.

*Second from the Chinese government through its Xinhua News Agency:

“Romney’s remarks totally neglect historical facts and are actually irresponsible.” 

For a country that prides itself on its historical past, the Chinese lack of historical knowledge about Jerusalem is appalling. What is irresponsible is the Chinese presumption to know anything about what is going on in the Middle East.

*Third from Thomas Friedman through his blog site:

“[Romney just made] things even worse by telling the most hard-line Israelis everything that they want to hear, just to grovel for Jewish votes and money, while blatantly ignoring the other side.”

If Thomas Friedman ever showed himself to be completely out of touch with reality it was with this statement.  Every Israeli, regardless of being on the left or right, regards Jerusalem as the eternal capital of this country. Just to grovel for Jewish votes and money?  Aside from the sheer insult of denying that Mitt Romney actually has beliefs based on principle, there is something distinctly anti-Semitic about Friedman’s characterization–read on to number 4.

*Fourth, from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad through the Iranian government’s Fars News Agency:

“[He] was kissing the foot of the Zionists in order to get elected and made statements to get some pennies for his campaign.”  

This statement could have been written by Thomas Friedman. Telling the hard-line Israelis what they wanted to hear/kissing the foot of the Zionistsgroveling for Jewish money/get some pennies for his campaign?

*Fifth, from Barack Obama through his White House spokesman:

“[Romney’s position is a different position than this administration holds. It’s the view of this administration that the capital is something that should be determined in final status negotiations between the parties.”

From Senator Obama’s speech at AIPAC on June 4, 2008: “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.”  Apparently President Obama no longer believes this. Enough said.

The PLO, the Chinese government, Thomas Friedman, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Barack ObamaMitt Romney should wear the opposition of these people with pride, the pride that comes from a man of principle who is not afraid to take a principled stand about Jerusalem and the land of Israel. 


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