British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould: A Faux Friend Of Israel If Ever There Was One

UPDATE 10 am Israel time Friday:

The nonstop Palestinian terrorist assault on southern Israel continues with missiles and mortars fired out of Gaza in the last 24 hours in an attempt to kill and terrorize Israeli children, women, and men. In what has become a tired refrain . . . there has been no IDF response.


Gould giving an award at a "human rights" dinner in England organized by the New Israel Fund.

Your humble servant was struck last night by the scathing comments of the British Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, in a brief interview on Israeli television, an interview in which Gould wanted to focus exclusively on the “erosion” in British public and parliamentary support for Israel.

At the outset, the Israeli television interviewer asked Gould about the BBC fiasco of not listing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on its Olympic website but listing “East Jerusalem” as “Palestine’s” intended “seat of government.”

Gould pompously refused to answer the question, declaring “You need to speak to the BBC” but then immediately proceeded to disingenuously defend the BBC by mouthing the standard Palestinian mantra “but what I would say is this, Israel is now seen as ‘the Goliath’, and its the Palestinians as ‘the David'” (it’s maliciously clever how the Palestinians usurp Jewish history and Israelite heroes). 

Gould’s clear implication is that the British were supportive of Israel as long as it was perceived to be the weaker David, but now that Israel has the capacity to defend itself it is no longer deserving of British support. 

Then Gould continued on to defend the British public and give the rationale for their dwindling support:  

“The British public may not be ‘expert’ but they are not stupid. And they see a stream of announcements about new building and settlements, they read stories about what’s going on in the West Bank, they read about the restrictions in Gaza–the substance of what’s going on is really what’s driving this.”

What is startling about this statement is the absolute facility with which Gould believes that the incredibly biased British and international media report “the substance of what’s going on” in Gaza and the so-called West Bank. Here is an Ambassador, on the ground here in Israel, with access to information unavailable to the British public, unwilling to exercise an ounce of critical judgment.

For example, one wonders if any of that media reported on the events of the last two weeks alone: loaning the PLO/Palestinian authority 180,000,000 shekels to meet their payroll and allowing 5000 more Palestinian workers into Israel.

Or what about today’s remarkable announcements that Israel is beginning negotiations with the Palestinians on developing the 30,000,000,000 cu m Marine Gas field off of the Gaza coast, and that Israel has just signed a multifaceted economic agreement with the Palestinians which calls, among other things, for the construction of a pipeline to transport fuel directly from Israeli ports to the PLO/PA?

Is there a word about any of this in Gould’s renowned British media?  And even if there were, do you think it would make one whit of difference to the ever increasing Muslim population of the United Kingdom and their increasing legion of supporters?

Of course, Ambassador Gould does (supposedly) know about all of Israel’s gestures for peace, but they don’t make one whit of difference to him either. 

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