Israel Receives Eid al-Fitr “Best Wishes” From Mahmoud Abbas

UPDATE 10 am Israel time Wednesday:

A rash of Palestinian “rock” throwing and Molotov cocktail throwing occurred throughout Judea and Samaria overnight with incidents at Shechem, Abu Dis, and Ramallah.


"Next year in Jerusalem" at the site of "the alleged Jewish temple": Mahmoud Abbas' Eid al-Fitr message to Israelis.

As Ramadan has drawn to a close, Israeli leaders from all sides of the political spectrum have rushed to write and call PLO/Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas with gushingly congratulatory Eid Al-Fitr best wishes.

On August 18, this past Saturday, PM Netanyahu telephoned Abbas and “wished him well” adding that he was doing all that he could to track down the perpetrators (supposed) of the Palestinian taxi “attack” (supposed).

On August 19, Israeli President Shimon Peres sent his “best wishes” to Abbas.

On the same day, Kadima head Shaul Mofaz sent an effusive greeting to Abbas that began: “In these days of regional change and uncertainty, it is our duty to create hope for both our peoples.”

Yesterday, Israel’s so-called “Defense” Minister Ehud Barak telephoned Abbas to send his “good wishes” to the PLO head.

As your humble servant reported yesterday, all of these best wishes for the end of the Ramadan season were accompanied by relaxed restrictions on the Temple Mount for Muslims throughout Ramadan which astonishingly allowed more than 1,000,000 Muslim worshipers to pray in Jerusalem at Judaism’s holiest spot (while restrictions on Jewish worshipers were dramatically increased).

Mahmoud Abbas’ response to these goodwill messages and gestures has been remarkable.

He spent the first day of Eid Al Fitr laying a wreath at the grave of soon-to-be-exhumed Yasser Arafat (because of Palestinian accusations that Israel poisoned the PLO’s terrorist in chief). Abbas used the occasion to declare that next year’s ceremony would be held in the “Palestinian capital of Jerusalem”. In doing so, he “borrowed” the uniquely Jewish “Next year in Jerusalem.”  

On the same day, Abbas sent a representative to the so-called “Martyrs’ Memorial” in Jericho to lay another wreath to honor those who died fighting against the Zionists.

Yesterday (August 21st) Abbas chose to issue a statement yesterday marking the 43rd anniversary of  Dennis Rohan’s arson attack (August 21, 1969) inside the Al-Aksa Mosque. Rohan, as you may not know, was an Australian evangelical Christian who threw gasoline on the pulpit inside the mosque and set it on fire–a fire which was quickly extinguished. Rohan was subsequently arrested, judged to be insane, confined to a mental institution, deported to Australia in 1974, and eventually died in 1995 while still under psychiatric care.

But here’s what Abbas had to say:

“The arson attack at the hand of a fanatic criminal happened under the nose of the Israeli occupation authorities. It was the beginning of series that have not been interrupted since that fatal day. Their ultimate goal is to rob Muslims and Christians of their holy shrines, destroy the Al Aqsa mosque and build the alleged Jewish temple.”

The “Israeli occupation authorities“. . . “rob Muslims and Christians of their holy shrines“. . . “destroy the Al Aqsa mosque” . . . “the ‘alleged’ Jewish temple“.

Your humble servant would like to take this opportunity this morning to thank the PLO chief for his good wishes–and to encourage the leaders of Israel to continue sycophantically kissing Mahmoud Abbas’ _____ . . . you, dear reader, can fill in blank with the word of your choice.

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