Israel’s Amazing Humanitarian Gesture: The Left’s Amazing Response

UPDATE 10 am Israel time Saturday:

At 3:55 am overnight, the southern Israeli town of Sha’ar Hanegev came under rocket attack from Palestinian terrorists in Gaza.


The last month has seen an extraordinary effort by the so-called “right wing” government of PM Netanyahu to reach out to the Palestinian population of Judea and Samaria. Not only were 1,000,000 Palestinians allowed into Jerusalem to worship at the Temple Mount, but also between 200,000 and 300,000 more were permitted to come into the rest of Israel to travel, swim in the sea, and visit with relatives in Israeli-Arab communities.

Thousands of Palestinians hitting the beaches in Tel Aviv earlier this week (photo: Haaretz).

One would think that the Israeli “Left” would be overjoyed at this news and recognize the government for making a remarkable humanitarian gesture. Instead the “Left” has used the occasion to ratchet up its neverending attempts to vilify Israel and to spread blatant untruths about the situation on the ground. Nowhere has then been more so than on the editorial page of Israel’s “left-wing” newspaper Haaretz.

Take a look at the following snippets [obviously, your humble servant’s comments are in brackets].


First from two days ago:

“PA figures indicate that during the Ramadan month, some 300,000 Palestinians entered Israel in coordinated visits. Israeli officials cite a lower yet nonetheless staggering figure of 200,000. Ironically, this trend caused significant economic damage to Palestinian vendors who lost untold customers – local Palestinians who took their business to Israel” [would it have been better if the Palestinians had stayed in Judea and Samaria? . . .the clear implication is that the Israeli government was actively undermining the Palestinian economy in a move purely dictated by business considerations].


And then these paragraphs from yesterday’s main editorial:

“The operation [as if this was a military action, not a humanitarian gesture] passed uneventfully. It enabled residents of the territories to leave their giant prison [as if Palestinian residents of Judea and Samaria cannot travel to Israel or to Jordan], if only for a moment, and get a taste of freedom in the country that occupies them [more than 96% of all Palestinians in Judea and Samara live under direct PLO/Palestinian Authority administrative and security control], and which they are normally forbidden to enter [see below] . This holiday brought joy to tens of thousands of people who were able to swim in the sea for the first time [how does anyone know this? . . .perhaps they have been to the sea a hundred times before], meet their families and vacation like human beings [the obvious implication, straight from the Israel delegitimizers’ handbook, is that Israel treats Palestinians like “animals”]. The sights on Tel Aviv’s beaches, which thousands of Palestinians visited, were moving indeed.

Despite protests by settlers and other rightists [this is how the Israeli “Left” dismisses anyone–almost everyone in the country– who disagrees with it], Israel has slightly relaxed its cruel grip [another phrase straight out of the delegitimizers’ playbook] on the occupied territories [already discussed above] in recent years. Dozens of checkpoints have been removed, roads have been opened to traffic, and the number of Palestinians permitted to enter [four sentences ago they were “normally forbidden to enter”] Israel to work has increased somewhat.  None of these steps compromised security in any way” [except for the fact that Jewish community members are now assaulted with “rocks” and Molotov cocktails everyday].


By the way, three Palestinians on the beach at Tel Aviv were arrested on Tuesday for “committing indecent acts against female minors” and arraigned on Wednesday . . . but hey, dear readers, we shouldn’t be too critical. Once freed of the ‘cruel’ shackles of ‘occupation’, they were just acting like ‘human beings’. Such is the reasoning of the Israeli “Left”–and self-described “human rights activists” everywhere.

Remember the numbers: 1,000,000 Palestinians prayed at the Temple Mount; 300,000 Palestinians vacationed in Israel. Be sure to use these facts the next time you hear someone claim that Israel discriminates against “the poor Palestinians.” 

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