Shimon Peres: A Man Without Honor Or Dignity

UPDATE 9 am Israel time Wednesday:

Last night saw multiple Molotov cocktail attacks on IDF forces throughout Judea and Samaria. 

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who has come to symbolize the utter depravity of that organization, continues his grand tour of Iran as part of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s entourage. Urged not to attend the laughingly called “Non-Aligned” Movement’s meeting in Tehran in order to not give Iran credibility in the face of the attempt to isolate it, Moon defied all such requests and has spent the last few days engaging in hundreds of photo opportunities with Ahmadinehad.

The international media is awash this morning with hundreds of pictures of Moon and Ahmadinejad doing all sorts of activities together.


If nothing else is clear these days in Israel, it is simply that many Israeli “leaders” no longer have any honor or self-dignity. Any “leader” who would allow his or her citizens to spend much of their lives in bomb shelters has no qualm with releasing the worst barbaric murderers on the street.

In yet another fatuous gesture to Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO as well as an egregious abuse of power, Israel President Shimon Peres commuted the life sentences of seven Israeli-Arab terrorists on Tuesday.

Consider just one of the criminals who is now loose in Israel again–courtesy of Shimon Peres.

Let’s go back to the afternoon of Friday, August 6th, 1984.

Moshe Tamam, a 19 year old soldier went on a weekend leave from his army base and began to make his way home to Netanya. He took the bus from Tiberias towards Tel Aviv, then at the Beit Leed Junction he got off and hitched a ride with four Israeli-Arabs from Baka El Garbiya.

Little did he know that these Israeli Arabs were members of a cell of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) who had been assigned the task of kidnapping an Israeli soldier who was to be taken to Syria to be exchanged for prisoners in Israeli jails.

For the next two days, Moshe Tamam was held in a house on the outskirts of Baka El Garbiya.  When the terrorists realized that they could not get him across the border into Syria, they decided to kill him.

First they gouged out Moshe’s eyes, and then they mutilated him by cutting off parts of his body starting with his sexual organs. Finally, they shot him in the chest, and dumped his body in an olive grove near Jenin.  Moshe’s body, or what was left of it, was found on August 10th. The DFLP immediately claimed responsibility for the heinous murder.

Who was the leader of the barbaric criminals who committed this atrocity? Walid Daka.

Daka and his cohorts were eventually captured and arrested. They readily confessed to Moshe Tamam’s murder and provided gruesome details of what they had done. Daka’s trial and that of the other members of his DFLP cell had to be conducted under stringent security with hundreds of soldiers and police guarding the military court partly because Moshe’s mother Galia, brandished a knife in the courtroom and threatened to kill any relatives of Daka and his friends who might be admitted in.

To no avail, she demanded that the court apply the death penalty to the murderers.

And so Walid Daka was sentenced to life in prison. But he did not not languish there. First he used his time to obtain a bachelor’s degree at Israel’s Open University, and later to get married. Nor was he ever remorseful about butchering Moshe Tamam–claiming that the slaughter of Tamam was merely a “political act.”

Even more unbelievably, Daka became the darling of the Israeli and international “human rights” organizations for this absurd writings about “Israeli torture” for which he is given credit (by those organizations) for changing the “definition” of torture.

Did you get that dear reader? Walid Daka, the terrorist who committed unspeakably vile acts of torture against Moshe Tamam is now the supposed “expert” on torture. If this doesn’t nauseate you, nothing will.

Here is a quote from one of his books in which he said that Israeli prisons are more terrible than Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo: “In Israeli prisons you face a harder form of torture, because it is ‘civilised’; it turns your own senses and mind into tools of daily torture, quietly creeping without any club, without making any noise.”

Did you get that dear reader? Israeli prisons are worse because they treat prisoners in a “civilized way.” Simply incredible.

Walid Daka, unrepentent sadistic torturer and murderer, is now walking the streets of Israel again because of Shimon Peres. Can you even begin to imagine this?

By the way, on the beach road between Neurim and Netanya near Havazelet Hasharon, Moshe Tamam’s family built a monument in his honor:

A beautiful monument to remember Moshe Tamam.

A close up of the monument with Moshe’s portrait and inscription:

The inscription reads:

“A memorial for our son the soldier, the lovable and dearest Tamam Moshe. We will remember him forever. Born on June 13, 1965 in Havazelet , Hasharon. He was kidnapped and murdered in cold blood by terrorists. He was only 19 years old. 

‘A gazelle lies slain on your heights,  O Israel.

How the mighty have fallen!’”

(2nd Samuel, chapter 1, verse 19)

No one will forget you Moshe, no one except Shimon Peres, a man with no honor and no dignity.


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