The Rosh Hashana Trivia Quiz Commentary (Black “Leopard” video!)

UPDATE 10:15 am Israel time Tuesday:

Four minutes ago at 10:11 am, there was an attempted rocket launch against southern Israel by Palestinian terrorists in central Gaza.


It’s the second day of Rosh Hashana in Israel (it’s a two day holiday here), and so we have your humble servant’s commentary on the Rosh Hashana Trivia Quiz that you took yesterday (if you haven’t taken it yet, stop reading, look down in the right hand column to “Recent Posts” and click yesterday’s blog). You already have the answers, but I am repeating them here to help you remember.

If you don’t read anything else today, be sure to check out the black “leopard” video link in number five below!

**Question 1.  A Jewish tombstone in a cemetery in Carthage, Tunisia contains a very interesting Jewish inscription that is dated:

*813 BCE: 2,825 years ago

Stop and think about this for a moment: some 150 years after the construction of the First Jewish Temple in Jerusalem almost three thousand years ago and 227 years before its destruction, there were Jews traveling around the Mediterranean. According to ancient historical accounts, King Solomon formed an alliance with the Phoenicians–and Phoenicians and Jews sailed the Mediterranean together. Phoenician tombstones are found in the same Tunisian cemetery.

**Question 2.  How much “salary” money per year does the PLO/PA pay Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons who have been convicted of the murder of Israelis, and the families of Palestinian so-called “suicide bombers”?

*$132,000,000 dollars /$11,000,000 per month

The PLO/Palestinian Authority does not merely pay murderers for their crimes–it pays them for the number of Israelis they killed. The more Israelis one kills and the longer a terrorist’s sentence is, the greater is his or her “salary.”

**Question 3. In order from highest to lowest, what are Israel’s three tallest mountains?

*Mount Hermon, Mount Meron, Mount Ramon

Of these three, perhaps the least well known is Mount Ramon (identified as Mt. Seir in the Torah). Located in the southern Israel Negev Desert west of the Ramon Crater near the Sinai border, Mt. Ramon has an elevation of 1,037 meters (3,402 ft).

Mt. Ramon rises above the hilly moonscape of the southern Negev (photo source:

**Question 4. In the absence of payments from the PLO/PA, who is paying for Palestinian electricity?

*Israeli consumers through a 3% increase in their electrical bills

Can you believe this? Not only are consumer prices exploding in Israel, but Israelis are now having to pay for the electricity of Palestinians–which doesn’t seem to bother the PLO/PA in the least, happy as always to get another “free lunch.”

**Question 5. Israeli nature organizations were thrilled this week when the IDF released film footage from one of its security cameras that showed four unexpected animals running wild in northern Samaria; what were they?

*Wild boars, wolves, deer, and a black leopard

Everyone has known about the boars, wolves, and deer for a long time–there are even deer who live in the dunes between our house here in Ashdod and the sea. But a black leopard?

Click on this link to see the leopard (note that it is subtitled as a “tiger” in the video, and some who have watched the video are calling it a “panther”–black leopards and tigers have been discovered in nature–watch the video and decide what you think it is; be careful to look closely at the animal’s tail).

**Question 6.  What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Israel?

*54 C (129.2 F) at Tirat Tzvi on June 6, 1942

Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi near Bet She'an in northern Israel.

This temperature is not merely the highest ever recorded in Israel–it is the highest ever recorded in Asia. Located west of the Jordan River near Beit She’an, Tirat Tzvi is one of the lowest (220 meters below sea level) inhabited places on Earth.

**Question 7. What happens to the notes from the Western Wall when they are removed?

*They are blessed and then buried in the Jewish cemetery on the Mt. of Olives.

The Rabbi of the Western Wall supervising the removal of notes.

Actually, from a halachic standpoint, the notes could be burned or buried, but the current Rabbi of the Wall holds fast to the tradition of burying them.

**Question 8.  Several months ago, a small portion of the ground in one of the tunnels under the Western Wall caved in; archaeologists peering into the hole were surprised to discover:

*a large “plastered” cistern room from the First Temple period

The cistern from the First Jewish Temple period discovered two months ago under the Western Wall.

In the first place, it is remarkable to find anything from the First Temple period because the Islamic Wakf will not allow Israeli archaeologists to conduct excavations on the Temple Mount (can you believe that Israel permits this?). The Wakf knows that archaeologists would undoubtedly uncover ever more Jewish connections to Judaism’s holiest place.

This find is doubly remarkable because it indicates that a water storage facility was actually under the First Temple–meaning that water for use in Temple rituals did not have to be always carried up the hill from the Siloam Spring. By the way, when archaeologists reached the room two months ago, there was standing water on the floor (apparently from seepage through the rock above).

**Question 9:  According to the ruling concerning the Beit Hashalom house in Hevron:

*The Peace Now petition was thrown out, and the Court ruled that the Hevron Jewish community has legal ownership of the building.

The Beit Hashalom House in Hevron

Strategically located in Hevron on the main road connecting Kiryat Arba with the Cave of the Patriarchs, this house was legally purchased by Jewish community members in 2007. But still, despite the Court’s ruling, Jewish families cannot move back into the house until Israel’s so-called “Defense Minister” Ehud Barak gives his permission.

Having lost their case in Court, Peace Now issued the following statement yesterday urging Barak to ignore the court order: “There is no need to expand the Jewish community in Hebron.”

**Question 10.  According to the Koran, how old was Mohammad’s favorite wife Aisha when she was married and the marriage was consummated?

*Aisha was 6 years old when betrothed and 9 years old when the marriage was consummated.

Mohammed, by the way, was 53 when betrothed to Aisha and 56 when the marriage was consummated–so you can draw your own conclusions. Not surprisingly, Aisha lived for 50 years after Mohammed’s death, and played a major role in the development of Islamic customs especially insofar as encouraging the seclusion and veiling of women.

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