The Outright Fraud Of The “Oslo Peace Accords”

UPDATE 11 am Israel time Friday:

There were no reports of Palestinian terrorism overnight.

Tens of thousands of Jews were present at the Kotel (Western Wall) during the night praying Selichot prayers (prayers asking for forgiveness) in advance of Yom Kippur next Tuesday evening.


It was a glorious early Fall day in Jerusalem yesterday with Israel’s vibrant capital packed with its ever diverse citizens and groups of tourists stretched out in every direction. Your humble servant and his wife spent most of the day in Jerusalem’s eastern neighborhoods of Shimon Ha-Tzaddik, Shuafat, and Pisgat Ze’ev, but we found time in the afternoon to spend a few hours amidst the pines in the crisp cool air of Har Herzl (Mt. Herzl), quietly walking among the tombstones.

Of particular interest were the graves of Zionist pioneers Thedor Herzl and Ze’ev Jabotinsky, but gradually we made our way to the “Great National Leaders” plot in which most of the Presidents and Prime Ministers are interred (two exceptions are David Ben Gurion who is buried at his beloved Sde Boker, and Menachem Begin who rests on the Mt. of Olives).

At some point, we found ourselves in front of the grave of Yitzhak Rabin. And as we stood there, though it might sound callous, we could not help reflecting on the gigantic fraud that Rabin perpetrated on the Israeli people–the fraud of the Oslo Peace Accords. It was not such an odd thought considering that the Palestinians have been threatening all week to “cancel” the “economic articles” of those very Accords.

Why was Oslo a fraud?  Simply because it  led directly to massive suicide/murder bombings against Israelis from 1994-2000 directed by Rabin’s “partner for peace” Yasser Arafat (eight in the year following Oslo alone), and then to a five year outburst of even more barbaric terrorism (148 suicide/murder bombings) in the second Palestinian intifada from 2000-2005. All told, some 1500 Israelis died as a direct result of what Yitzhak Rabin (and his cohort Shimon Peres) concocted. Ironically many of those 1500 Israelis are also buried on Mt. Herzl.

But it turns out that Oslo was even more fraudulent because the Palestinians never ratified the document–and Rabin and Peres and all of their minions knew it. All of this was brought into sharp relief in an obscure article published this week in the Israeli press about Israeli journalist Pinhas Inbari.

Think back to September 13, 1993 and the iconic photograph of Yitzhak Rabin, Yasser Arafat, and Bill Clinton on the White House lawn supposedly signing the Oslo Accords.

The Oslo "Peace" Accords: A Lie From Beginning to End

What was not widely reported at the time was that Yasser Arafat had made sure beforehand that all parties knew that Accords would not actually be “signed” until they were signed by the PLO Executive Committee.

Two weeks later, Arafat convened a meeting of the PLO Executive Committee in Tunis supposedly to do just that–a meeting at which Pinhas Inbari was only Israeli journalist present (for the leftist Israeli newspaper Al Hamishmar). At the time Inbari reported that no vote was ever taken and no document was ever signed or ratified. For his part, Arafat explained in Arabic to the Arab media that a vote required a minimum number of delegates for approval–and a minimum not being present, no vote was taken.

When Inbari returned to Israel from the meeting, he asked Rabin about the Palestinians’ “non-signing” of the Oslo Peace Accords. Rabin never responded–and unilaterally proceeded down the Oslo road as if the Palestinians had agreed to the document. Inbari is also quoted as saying, “I asked Peres, Sharon, Olmert, and Barak, but they continued to turn a blind eye. Officials preferred to hide that detail.” 

What Arafat and the PLO/PA brilliantly engineered, with the willing complicity of Rabin and Peres, was the formulation of a fraudulent “Agreement” which gave the Palestinians international legitimacy, territory in Judea and Samaria, and a heavily armed police forceall based on the “promise of peace” which was to have been sealed by a ratification of the Accords.

This never happened.  The Palestinians got everything and gave nothing.

It was exactly the same technique that Arafat had used two years earlier in supposedly “amending” the PLO/Palestinian Covenant. As I pointed out in a blog last year (see full blog: September 19, 2011 The Return of the PLO):

But the PLO charter also contains a clause calling for the right of the Palestinians to continue armed struggle until the “Zionist Entity” is destroyed. You older readers may recall that Yasser Arafat often promised to remove this part of the PLO charter and spoke often in speeches and in letters about how it had been removed. An internationally televised meeting of the Palestine Central Committee showed representatives apparently voting to nullify the clause–and promising to produce a new Covenant text. In fact, the clause calling for the destruction of Israel was never removed and is still contained in the PLO Covenant displayed at the United Nations. 

Simply put, the so-called “Oslo Peace Accords”, as the supposed amending of the PLO/Palestinian Covenant, were outright frauds perpetrated against the Israeli people by Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, and their confederates. For the Palestinians to somehow want to “cancel” the Accords now is downright laughable.

*Interestingly, Pinhas Inbari is now Senior Policy Analyst at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs headed by Dore Gold.

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