Israel’s Insane Masochistic Complex

UPDATE 10 am Israel time Monday:

“Rock throwing” continued apace throughout Judea and Samaria overnight with Israeli citizens and IDF positions attacked.


A photo from the U.N. "Donor's Conference" with Salam Fayyad (PLO/PA Prime Minister) and Tony Blair, Quartet representative, sitting (as usual) side by side. Note what they are reading: "Building the State of Palestine: A Success Story". . . .hmm . . . how much will we give them this time?

We all know Rita Mae Brown’s famous definition of insanity (often mis-attributed to Albert Einstein):

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If history has shown Israelis nothing else, it has shown us time after time that no matter what or how much we “give” to the Palestinians, the Palestinians angrily reject us, spit in our face, and demand more. 

In what can only be described as a bizarre sequence of events in New York this past Saturday, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon and Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Maj. Gen. Eitan Dangot first attended the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations followed up by attendance at the United Nations’ annual “Palestinian Authority’s Donor’s Conference” of 27 “donor nations”, financial institutions, and representatives of the self-proclaimed Quartet of the U.N., U.S, European Union, and Russia.

At the first meeting, Ayalon regaled the Jewish Presidents with how he was going to the Donor Conference to talk about the $132,000,000 a year in “salaries” that the PLO/PA pays to Palestinian terrorist murderers in Israeli jails and the families of homicide/suicide bombers, and to call attention to the millions of dollars that Mahmoud Abbas wastes on his personal entourage for nonstop first class junkets from India to Timbuktu. 

Ayalon then described to the Presidents in detail how the PLO/PA refuses to negotiate with Israel, does everything within its power to delegitimize Israel, and incites against Israel in every conceivable world forum. Ayalon’s rousing denunciation of the PLO/PA left those in attendance with the idea that he would say the same thing at the Donor’s Conference.

But incredibly,  it turns out that Ayalon and Dangot spent most of their time at the Donor Conference begging for potential donors in the room “to follow the example of Israel” and to engage in every form of economic assistance to the corrupt PLO/PA.

Ayalon even presented a packet of information boasting of what Israel is doing: 

1. Israel gave the PLO an “advance loan” of NIS 380,000,000 this summer to help pay PA “salaries”.

2. Israel has approved 14 new USAID projects to build and renovate Palestinian schools and health clinics in Area C of Judea and Samaria which is under full Israeli control (only 4% of all Palestinians in Judea and Samaria live in Area C).

3. Israel has now issued 9,000 overnight permits for Palestinian workers to work in Israel, 48,000 “temporary” permits for Palestinians to work in Israel on a monthly basis, and 26,000 permits for Palestinians to work in industrial zones in Judea and Samaria. Along with an estimated 30,000 Palestinians estimated to be working illegally in Israel (probably many more, a good number are right here in my neighborhood in Ashdod), this brings to more than 100,000 the number of Palestinian workers now employed in Israel. 

4. Israel is now actively lobbying European countries on behalf of the Palestinians.

5. Israel is removing more IDF checkpoints in Judea and Samaria.

Your humble servant hopes that you, dear reader, grasp the incredible absurdity of these five points:

First, Israeli taxpayers are now paying the salaries of terrorist murderers and their families.

Second, by allowing international aid organizations to fund Palestinian projects in Area C, the Israeli government is giving the Palestinians a further foothold in Judea and Samaria, and de facto acknowledging Palestinian claims to that Area.

Third, by allowing more and more Palestinian workers into Israel (and kicking out Romanian, Chinese, and Thai workers to make way for them), Israel is returning to the Oslo days of a Palestinian economy dependent on Israel–and an Israeli economy dependent on Palestinians. 

Fourth, members of the Israeli government–paid by Israeli taxpayers–are now, in effect, paid lobbyists of the PLO/PA.

Fifth, by allowing more Palestinians into Israel and removing IDF checkpoints, Israel is exponentially increasing the risk to Israeli citizens. In the last 72 hours alone, there have been multiple stabbing events, arrests of Palestinians with weapons, and numerous “rock” throwing and Molotov cocktail attacks against IDF checkpoints.

What your humble servant just cannot understand, and has never been able to understand, is why Israel feels that it has responsibility for the Palestinians–and why Israel refuses to let the Palestinians shoulder the responsibility for themselves?

More specifically, why does Israel continually engage in, or allow itself to be drawn into, a pervasive pattern of self-defeating behavior in which it intertwines itself with the Palestinians knowing all the while that such behavior will ultimately lead to terrorism and disaster? 

And how inexplicable is it for Israel to robotically continue making gestures of peace to the Palestinians knowing beforehand that each such gesture will be met rejection and anger on the part of the Palestinians?

From a psychological perspective, it is almost as if Israel has some sort of masochistic complex. It can never be terrorized enough, delegitimized enough, or rejected enough. It always keeps coming back to the Palestinians for more.

And that is absolutely pathetic.

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