Attempted Murder in Betar Illit: A Shared Battle For Survival

UPDATE 7 am Israel time Wednesday:

More missiles, more alarms: the attacks on southern Israel continue unabated. At least six more rockets were launched by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza yesterday. The most recent Qassam struck early this morning (12:20 am) at Netivot.    

It turns out that the unidentified UAV drone incident over Israel several days ago was an even more egregious violation of Israeli airspace than first reported. The F16 that was sent to shoot down the drone–when it had already flown more than 100 km over Israel–actually missed the target on its first attempt.

It gives everyone here pause for thought that an Israeli fighter jet was not able to initially bring down a slow flying drone with no defenses whatsoever.


Living in Israel is a constant but shared battle for survival. 

As your humble servant was browsing through the Israeli news last night, a small story caught my eye. It was just the kind of story that you will never see in the international media, but it is exactly the kind of story that defines one aspect of life here.

I print it here in slightly abridged form:

Israeli Stabbed by Palestinian

“An Israeli man suffered injuries Wednesday after he was stabbed by a Palestinian assailant at the Judean community of Beitar Illit. Magen David Adom emergency services were called to the scene and treated the man, whose neck was cut, on the site.

The Palestinian terrorist attempted to kill this man by slicing his neck. Wounds like this one are classified as "light."

The assailant, who fled the immediate scene, was apprehended by security forces shortly thereafter. Authorities believe the Palestinian’s act was nationalistically motivated.

According to initial details, the victim was walking towards the community’s gates when the Palestinian, who was standing nearby, began running towards him, wielding a knife, and stabbed him. The altercation drew the attention of passersby, who rushed to the Israeli’s rescue and were able to overpower his attacker.”

(Story and picture courtesy of YNET News, Itamar Fleishman reporter, Shlomi Bolotin photographer).

Here we have an Israeli man who was doing nothing more than walking toward his home in Betar Illit, a 45,000 person religious Israeli community six miles south of Jerusalem, when a Palestinian terrorist rushed toward him with a knife and attempted to cut his throat and kill him. 

One reality of life here is that every Israeli must be on constant guard against Palestinians who want to kill us.  

It doesn’t make any difference if you are walking home, riding on a bus, sitting at the beach, or going to a movie; you always have to be on the lookout for someone who may want to kill you. It is a sad truth that every unattended bag is a potential bomb, every burqaed woman could be concealing weapons, and every “hearing” of Arabic sets off internal alarm warnings.

And why do Palestinians want to kill Israelis?

In the first place, they simply want to kill Jews. Remember that Palestinians do not call Israelis “Israelis”; they call Israelis “Jews”. In the second place, they want to kill Israelis because Israelis live in Israel, and there is no place in the Palestinian mind for the existence of a Jewish state of Israel. 

How do we survive?

Because we have fantastic security services (Border Guards, police, Shin Bet,and the IDF) and unbelievable medical services such as MADA.

But most importantly, we survive because we know that everyone must look out for everyone else: “The altercation drew the attention of passersby, who rushed to the Israeli’s rescue and were able to overpower his attacker.”

Such is the nature of life in Israel.

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