The Golan Heights Trivia Quiz (Part 2: Answers)

UPDATE 10:30 am Israel time Monday:

Southern Israel remains under highest terror alert after another IAF strike yesterday killed two more Palestinian terrorists–bringing to 5 the number of leading terrorists killed in the last 48 hours–including the commander of all the Global Jihad forces in Gaza.

Your humble servant is writing from Eilat this morning–down on the Red Sea. The Sinai has also been placed on high terror alert by Egyptian and Israeli security authorities.


The fallout from the revelations concerning contacts between Netanyahu, Barak and the Syrian government in 2010 continues with members of Netanyahu’s own party Likud accusing him of a betrayal of principles.

Today, we have the answers to yesterday’s quiz. How did you do?

1. From 1919 until today, the Golan Heights has belonged to three different countries. Which country has controlled the Golan for the longest time?

A. France

B. Syria

C. Israel

The answer  is C. Israel. From the 1516 until 1918, the Golan Heights was ruled by the Turkish Ottoman Empire. From 1918 until 1946  (28 years), the Golan Heights came under the governance of France; from 1946 until 1967 (21 years), the Golan Heights came under Syrian dominion; from 1967 until today (45 years) the Golan Heights has belonged to Israel.

The Golan Heights has been in Israeli possession for more than twice as long as it was ever under Syrian control.

2. Between 1948 and 1967, the Syrian Army snipers used the high ground of the Heights to fire at Israeli farmers in the valley below, and Syrian artillery repeatedly shelled Kiryat Shmona, kibbutzes and moshavs in the area. How many Israeli civilians were killed during this period?

A. 23

B. 140

C. 344

The answer is B. 140. Hundreds more were wounded—many critically. What was the reaction of the international community to this wanton and continuing terrorism? There was no reaction.

3.  On June 19, 1967, less than two weeks after capturing the Golan Heights, the Israeli cabinet voted to return the Heights to Syria in return for peace. This offer was refused. In what year did Israel pass the Golan Heights Law which extended Israeli law and administration throughout the region–and effectively annexed the Golan Heights to Israel?

A. 1973

B. 1981

C. 1992

The answer is B. 1981. The Syrians have never wanted peace with Israel. There have never been “negotiations” with the Syrians just like there have never been “negotiations” with the Palestinians. “Negotiations” consist of Israel making endless concessions, and the Syrians and Palestinians making none.

4. According to Israel, what is the area of the Israeli Golan Heights?

A. 1500 km2/580 sq mi

B. 1300 km2/500 sq mi

C. 1150 km2/440 sq mi

The answer is C. 1150 km2. But this is not without contention. Answer choice A is the number claimed by the Syrians (they bizarrely claim the Golan extends far into the valleys of Israel); Answer choice B is the number usually given by the international community.

Despite its relatively small size, the Golan’s elevation gives it immense strategic importance. The importance of locations such as Mt. Hermon cannot be overstated nor can the importance of the proximity of Damascus to the Golan.

5. What is the total population of the Golan Heights?

A. Approximately 40,000 (including 20,000 Jews and 20,000 Druze)

B. Approximately 60,000 (including 25,000 Jews and 35,000 Druze)

C. Approximately 80,000 (including 30,000 Jews and 50,000 Druze)

The answer is A. 40,000. It is usually assumed that the number is much larger—but again the area itself is not huge. There are 32 Israeli communities–the capital of which is Katzrin–the location of your humble servant’s favorite Yarden Winery!

6. What % of Israel’s fresh water comes from tributaries that begin in the Golan Heights?

A. about 33%

B. about 39%

C. about 45%

The answer is A. about 33%. With Hezbollah currently damming water sources on the Lebanese side of the Israel-Lebanon border, the loss of this water supply would be devastating.

7. The Golan Heights is well known for its beautiful orchards and production of fruit.

In order, what are the 5 primary fruit products produced by Israeli farmers?

A. Pears, apples, wine grapes, cherries, mangoes

B. Wine grapes, apples, cherries, mangoes, pears

C. Apples, pears, wine grapes, mangoes, cherries

The answer is C.: apples (30,000 tons), pears (10,000 tons), wine grapes (8,000 tons), mangoes (7000 tons), and cherries (600 tons).

8. About 2.3 million tourists travel to the Golan Heights each year–especially Israeli tourists. How many hotels, hostels, and guest houses are available for tourists?

A. 138

B. 202

C. 450

The answer is A. 138. And these places to stay only have around 1200 total rooms–which explains why during the summer it is extremely difficult to find accommodations on the Golan Heights forcing many people to only take day trips.

9. On November 23, 2010, the Israeli Knesset passed a law which said that:

A. The Prime Minister of Israel has the sole right to cede the Golan Heights in any negotiations with Syria.

B. The Golan Heights cannot be ceded to Syria without the approval of the Knesset.

C. The Golan Heights cannot be ceded to Syria without the approval of the Knesset and a national referendum voting in favor of such ceding.

The answer is C. Both the government and the people must agree to any giving away of the Golan Heights. Ironically, the prime mover behind this law was Benjamin Netanyahu—at precisely the time he and Ehud Barak were engaged in secret negotiations with the Syrians to give the Golan away.

10. As you can tell from this blog, your humble servant feels very strongly that the Golan belongs to Israel and should forever remain a part of this country. Whatever “right” the Syrians had to the Golan was forfeited when they used it as a base for terrorism against Israelis. One of the two decals on the back of your humble servant’s car here in Israel reads (this is not a trick question–just one to make you smile):

A. Ha’am em HaGolan! The people are with the Golan!

B. Leachzir et haGolan le Syria! Return the Golan to Syria!

C. Barak Rosh HaMemshala! Ehud Barak for Prime Minister!

The answer of course is A. According to the most recent polls, the people are with the Golan–around 70% of all Israelis strongly disagree with ever relinquishing the Golan Heights.

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