Israel’s “Inhumane Siege” Of Gaza

UPDATE 10 am Israel time Saturday:

Captain Shilon manages a smile while draped with an Israeli flag in his hospital room in Beersheva's Soroka Hospital.

Captain Ziv Shilon, the Givati Commander critically wounded in the IED explosion at the Gaza border fence continues to improve despite the loss of one hand (and the struggle to save his other hand). 

His heroism in trying to dismantle the IED alone, having his hand blown off, then running to his jeep (leaving his severed hand hanging on the fence) is remarkable. Once at the jeep, he contacted a medic who quickly arrived on the scene but panicked at the sight of Shilon’s condition causing Shilon to have to shout:  “Come to your senses, apply a tourniquet and take me to the hospital because otherwise I will die.”

His bravery, so typical of our Israeli soldiers in the IDF, should be a source of inspiration to all.  And by the way, what is Shilon’s sole source of concern now? All he wants to know is when he can get back to his soldiers in the Givati Brigade.


To hear the story told by so-called “international human rights activists”, it is easy to understand why the Palestinians in Gaza continue to fire mortars and missiles at Israel everyday in an attempt to kill Israeli men, women, and children and plant IEDs all along the Gaza border fence. 

1. Because of Israel’s inhumane siege of Gaza, Gazans are trapped in Gaza; there is nowhere for them to go, nowhere to escape to.

Gazans going to Egypt. The morning crowd at the Rafah Crossing (picture source: Haaretz).

According to statistics released this week by Hamas, 1,200 Gazans enter Egypt everyday through the Rafah Crossing (438,000 per year) with a regular taxi service now operating from Gaza to Cairo through the tunnels for those not inclined to walk across the Crossing. Believe it or not, also according to Hamas statistics, 20,000 Gazans move to Judea and Samaria each year.

2. Because of Israel’s inhumane siege of Gaza, the Gazan economy is in ruins with rampant unemployment. All construction has ground to a halt.

There is no new construction. Israel does not permit construction materials into Gaza.

According to the World Bank, the economic growth rate for Gaza in 2012 is 9% (in the Palestinian parts of Judea and Samaria it is 5%, in Israel it is 3%). Real estate, in particular, is booming.

3. Because of Israel’s inhumane siege of Gaza, there is no food to eat. Palestinians are starving.

There is no food to eat in Gaza.

And the supermarket shelves are empty:

There is no food to be found anywhere. Everyone in Gaza suffers from nutritional deprivation.

4. Because of Israel’s inhumane siege of Gaza, there are no goods to be found; there is nothing to buy to make life tolerable:

Gaza women shopping for shoes.

There may be shoes, but there are no clothing stores.

Women's clothing cannot be found anywhere in Gaza (picture source on photo).

5. Because of Israel’s inhumane siege of Gaza, all joy has been removed from the lives of Gazans. It is a place of utter despair. 

Gaza clowns at the opening of a yet another new store in Gaza.

And no one gets married in Gaza anymore:

There are no weddings in Gaza because no one in Gaza can afford to get married.

And nobody goes to the beach:

A day at the beach in Gaza which is remarkable since according to international peace "activists" most Gazans have never even seen a beach.

So, dear readers, it is easy to see why Gazan terrorists bomb southern Israelis everyday and plant IEDs on the border fence to blow up IDF soldiers like Cpt. Ziv Shilon. The poor Palestinians are immersed in misery in “the largest outdoor prison in the world”, with no place to go, no economy to provide jobs, no food to eat, no goods to buy, no joy to be had–and all because of Israel’s inhumane siege of Gaza.

What a load of horse manure.

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