The Party Never Stops In Gaza

**As of 5 pm this afternoon, 14 Palestinian terrorist rockets and 5 mortars have struck southern Israel today. These strikes are primarily being reported by local officials along the Gaza border, only partially by the mainstream Israeli media and IDF.**

**As of 10 am this morning, 10 Palestinian terrorist rockets and 5 mortars have struck southern Israel. Details below.**


UPDATE 9 am Israel time Sunday:

Egypt, Sudan, Syria: everywhere we look this morning, events are taking place that directly involve Israel.

1. In the northern Sinai area of Egypt near El-Arish, there is the mysterious and ever expanding story of the dead Israeli whose body apparently washed ashore several days ago (fully clothed and with his wallet intact with driver’s license and credit card).

At first he was believed to have drowned, but Egyptian pathologists subsequently determined that he had been shot five times and murdered. Who he was has not yet been released (his body was returned to Israel yesterday), and what he was doing in El-Arish has apparently not been determined.

2. In the Sudan, the government in Khartoum is threatening retaliation against Israel for the destruction of a “weapons factory” just outside the city. Various sources have confirmed that the factory was  producing weapons for Iran intended for Hamas and Hezbollah including chemical weapons and surface to surface Shehab ballistic missiles.

X marks the spots where the weapons factory complex once stood just outside of Khartoum, Sudan. This aerial photograph clearly shows the complete destruction and resulting bomb craters (from bombs dropped, cruise missiles, or ?).

There is no concrete evidence that Israel is responsible for bombing the facility, but the pictures coming from Khartoum show that it was definitely bombed.

3. In Syria, Bashir Assad has declared war on the “Palestinians” living in the country--many of whom (the ones who have not fled over the border into Jordan) are in open support of the rebels fighting against the regime. And many of these are members of Hamas who want to replace Assad with an Islamist government. It has been estimated that between 300-500 “Palestinians” have been killed in the fighting so far.

This weekend has seen Syrian Army snipers kill two senior Hamas terrorist officials who were in the city of Daraa. In the firm belief that the only good “Hamas terrorist official” is a dead “Hamas terrorist official”, your humble servant wishes the Syrian Army continued happy hunting. 


The Eid al-Adha holiday party has slowly come to an end in Gaza.

Sure, there have been a few bumps along the way with Gaza medical services reporting one death and 125 injuries as a result of mishaps with knives and saws as more than 100,000 sheep, cows, and goats were butchered in streets, backyards, and pretty much anywhere a place could be found.

The scene in Gaza two days ago as a "crowd" joyously butchers a bull in the street--a scene repeated hundreds of times throughout Gaza (your humble servant wonders what you infer from this picture?).

All in all, a great rollicking time has been had with families and friends bringing holiday greetings, gifts, and sweets, and sumptuous feasts being leisurely consumed. By last night, the cousins and neighbors had returned home, and the decorations were being taken down.

But the party in Gaza never stops.

Now it is time to get back to the fun of trying to kill Jews.

To recap, so far this morning: 10 rockets and 5 mortars have been fired by Palestinian terrorists at the people of southern Israel.

The specifics:

At 12:28 am, residents of the Eshkol region were knocked out of their beds and sent running to their bomb shelters by screeching sirens warning of incoming rockets. Two exploded shortly thereafter.

At 1:14 am, another rocket hit the Eshkol region but this time, inexplicably, there no warning sirens.

At 2:00 am, Palestinian terrorists launched mortars across the border fence into southern Israel.

At 5:25 am, three rockets launched at Beersheva (preliminarily identified as “Qassams” by the IDF, but almost certain Grads because of the distance) landed just outside the city. No one was injured, but MADA has reported that many were “traumatized” by the sirens and explosions. The military wing of the “Popular Resistance Committees” (a Hamas subsidiary) claimed “responsibility” for the Beersheva attack.

At 5:47 am, an alert for probable Palestinian terrorist rocket fire from Gaza was issued to all communities within 40 km of Gaza.

At around 6 am, two Grad rockets hit the Ramat Negev Regional Council area.

At 7:19 am, more mortar explosions were reported near Israeli communities beside the Gaza border fence.

At 7:35 am, two Grad rockets struck the Bnei Shimon Regional Council area.

In the midst of all of these attacks (at around 3:05 am), an IAF missile struck a motorcycle carrying Hamas terrorists on their way to yet another missile launch. One terrorist was killed.

Back in Beersheva, the city announced (at 6:30 am) that all schools in the city would be closed today because of rocket fire.

Fun. Fun. Fun. The party never stops in Gaza. 

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