210 Missiles and Mortars: Something Has Gone Horribly Wrong Here In Israel

FINAL UPDATE 10 pm Israel time Tuesday:

11 Palestinian Hamas missiles struck southern Israel today in an attempt to kill Israeli children, women, and men:

210 missiles and mortars in the last 72 hours . . .

UPDATE 7 am Israel time Tuesday and TODAY’S BLOG:

How would you like to wake up like this in the morning? First, a loud missile explosion right in front of your house jars you out of your bed; then surreally your cellphone starts ringing, literally one second later, with the warning of an incoming rocket.

That is precisely what happened here in Ashdod at 6:07 am–less than an hour ago. A Grad rocket launched by Hamas terrorists in Gaza exploded in the water 100 meters in front of our house.  One second later, the red siren app on our cellphones started ringing. The latest reports are that two Grads hit the Ashdod area. No alarms sounded in the city.

Coupled with the two mortars that hit the Ashkelon Chof region last night near midnight, 210 Palestinian missiles and mortars have hit southern Israel since Saturday evening.

(continued at 9 am)

Something in Israel has gone horribly wrong.

We have a Prime Minister, Defense Minister, and IDF leadership that adamantly refuse to defend Israeli citizens.

–Our brave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spent a few hours in Ashkelon yesterday (afraid to go further south) with several foreign ambassadors in tow. What was he doing? Trying to convince them that what is happening in southern Israel is a war crime and that something must be done about it.

Can you even begin to imagine this? We now have an Israeli prime minister who thinks he has to get the permission of the international community before he can act to protect our people here in the South.   

–Our brave Defense Ministry, which is supposed to be busy defending Israelis from this latest missile assault, issued this statement this morning:

“The Defense Ministry has ordered to reopen the Kerem Shalom and Erez crossings on Tuesday, following a recent lull in the Gaza Strip.”


A Palestinian missile from Gaza explodes in front of my house this morning and the idiotic Defense Ministry is reopening the Kerem Shalom and Erez crossings for goods to be transported into Hamas Gaza?

A Palestinian missile from Gaza explodes in front of my house this morning and the idiotic Defense ministry says that there is a “lull in the Gaza Strip”.

210 missiles and mortars have been fired out of Gaza in the last 60 hours and the idiotic Defense Ministry wants to help Hamas?

–Our brave IDF General Staff continues to look for any excuse to do nothing. After first blaming IDF inaction over the weekend on “bad weather” (it wasn’t bad enough to stop the terrorists), we had a full explanation yesterday of why the IDF doesn’t act. Following yet another strategy meeting called by IDF “do-nothing” Chief of Staff Benny Gantz to dither about what to do, an IDF spokesman actually said this to Israel’s Channel 10 news:

“Most of the [Gaza] terrorist organizations have long range rockets that can go to Kfar Saba [north of Tel Aviv]. We believe that such an equation would be, if we decide to break the rules, the terrorist organizations would use this capability to launch long-range rockets to Tel Aviv and other areas.”

If we decide to break the rules? What rules? Hamas decides when to shoot missiles and mortars and how many missiles and mortars to shoot. The IDF does nothing. If the IDF decides to defend Israelis,  is this an “escalation”? is this “breaking the rules”?

More than this, your humble servant hopes that you, dear readers, understand the total import of this statement. Simply speaking, the lives of Israelis in Tel Aviv and Kfar Saba are more valuable than the lives of Israelis in southern Israel. We have always expected this was IDF doctrine, but here we have an overt statement of that opinion.

It is truly a sad situation here in Israel this morning.

Finally, I gave you three options yesterday about what you thought would happen during the day (even though you already knew the answer):

A. Benjamin Netanyahu will finally develop some courage.

B. The IDF will finally do something.

C. Hamas will continue to fire rockets at the people of southern Israel with impunity.

The answer as we now know is C. 

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