We Can Once Again Return To Our “Normal” Lives*

Palestinian Hamas Terrorist Mortars and Missiles Fired at Southern Israel During the Week of November 10-17:


Major News Flash (4:25 pm):

Ahmed Jabari, second in command of Hamas and the father of the Qassam rocket, has just been killed by an Israeli air strike in Gaza.

Numerous red sirens are currently blaring throughout the South.

*FURTHER UPDATE 3:15 pm Israel time Wednesday:

Normalcy is fleeting. As suggested in today’s israelstreet blog below, it has not taken long for Hamas to resume firing rockets at southern Israel. 4 struck a community in the Eshkol region 30 minutes ago–and alarms have just gone off for the Kerem Shalom community.

UPDATE 9:30 am Israel time Wednesday:

Another 3 day missile burst from Gaza has come and gone. There has been no Palestinian terrorist missile strike against southern Israel since a rocket hit the Chof Ashkelon area–rattling the windows of our house here in Ashdod–at 3:45 pm yesterday.

Has Hamas stopped firing rockets? Of course not. This morning, this afternoon, tonight, or tomorrow, it will all continue as Hamas’ neverending war against southern Israel–against Israel itself–goes on.

As you know, this blog keeps a count in the right hand column of all the mortars and missiles fired out of Gaza. Beginning today, in addition to that information, this blog will have a heading which shows how many mortars and rockets have been fired during a particular week (updated each day of that week). As you can see from the above, we will start this heading from last Saturday.

At the same time, a new widget will appear in the right hand column tomorrow that details Palestinian terrorist attacks on Jewish community members in Judea and Samaria. 


Children throughout southern Israel can return to normal this morning and go back to kindergarten (picture source: Front Page magazine).

As I have just written above, this most recent burst of missile fire has come and gone.

Once again, Hamas has fired hundreds of missiles with complete impunity.

Once again, the people of southern Israel have been totally abandoned. More people physically wounded, more people–especially children–suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, more homes hit directly by rockets, more fabric of “life” ripped apart by the endless rain of rockets.

Once again, the IDF has done nothing to stop the missile strikes. Hamas decided when to start the strikes and when to finish.  At the height of the missile barrages, all our Israeli military could manage to do was to bomb empty smuggling tunnels and empty storage facilities . . . and . . . (hold your breath) . . . “open areas of ground” from which future launches might supposedly take place.

Once again, our government and military leaders have all been paper tigers-threatening, threatening, and threatening to “really take care of Hamas this time”, but doing absolutely nothing. Yesterday saw Netanyahu blustering yet again in Beersheva that he would stop the rockets, and Barak blustering yet again that “Hamas has been dealt a heavy blow.”

Once again, Hamas has emerged victorious–a fact that is not lost on the Arab world which sees the Israeli government and military leadership for what it is, a sorry group of passive, impotent, craven people who are loathe to take even the minimum steps to defend their own people. Is it any wonder that the Syrians have started firing mortars into the Golan Heights? Is it any wonder that Hezbollah flies drones down the Israeli coast and over southern Israel? 

Once again, the war in the South is out of the Israeli media headlines this morning. The Jerusalem Post has a despicable “Egypt mediates tacit truce on Gaza border” article this morning in which it comments that the “barrage by Palestinians against the South trickled down to a small number of rockets” yesterday.

Why is it “despicable” you ask? There is no such thing as a truce on the Gaza border, and the Jerusalem Post as well as everyone else in Israel knows it. Trickled down to a small number of rockets? 11 were fired yesterday, but even if only one were fired, it should be the headline in the Post.  

But for the Jerusalem Post and all of the Israeli media, the government, and the IDF, the “normal” situation of  “relative calm” has returned, and the rest of Israel–which never really cared that much about what was happening in southern Israel anyway–can get back to its normal worry about which restaurant to eat at tonight.

By the way, all residents of southern Israel have been warned to stay within 15 seconds of a bomb shelter or fortified place today. In other words, we can once again return to our “normal” lives too.

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