Israel on the Edge: Repercussions of the Ceasefire



Naftali Bennett--the leader of the Jewish Home Party who should be the next Prime Minister of Israel.

UPDATE 10 am Israel time Monday:

One of the little known aspects of the recent conflict between Hamas and Israel was Hamas’ attempted use of “psychological warfare” against Israelis here in the South and IDF soldiers.

Early on, we were warned not to answer incoming telephone calls from a certain prefix because they were from Hamas (we received a number of them to our home here). At the same time IDF soldiers, particularly reservists, received thousands of text messages on their phones from Hamas.  It seems that Hamas and Islamic Jihad had gotten their hands on Israelis’ phone numbers by simply going online,  and reservists’ phone numbers because thousands had been published on a reservist’s Facebook page.

And what was the message sent verbally and textually?

“We love death more than you love life. There is nothing here for you but death–so be killed or leave.”

Your humble servant suspects that the Jihadist who called our house here in Ashdod on the one occasion when we answered the phone was not too happy when we laughed at his little speech. He slammed the phone down in Gaza. 


You will recall, dear reader, how your humble servant discussed on Saturday that the premature ceasefire decision of the Netanyahu, Barak, and Lieberman cowardly lions left Israel badly weakened and opened the door to attacks on all sides.

Another Palestinian mob on the Gaza border courtesy of Netanyahu, Barak, and Lieberman.

Palestinians from Gaza have now brazenly assaulted the Gaza Border fence each of the last three days in scenes which are remarkably similar to what has been happening in Judea and Samaria during the same time period.

At 5:30 pm yesterday, dozens of Gazans approached the Gaza border fence near Khan Younis again. Hamas police, which were supposed to prevent a re-occurrence of what happened on Saturday, did nothing to stop or restrain the surging crowd. The IDF was forced to use fire over the oncoming protesters’ heads and tear gas into the mob to disperse them.

One doesn’t need much imagination to realize that sooner or later, a major ceasefire-ending incident, is going to take place on the border.

More than this, the sheer porousness of the border fence was illustrated this morning when the IDF suspected a terrorist infiltration into Moshav Sde Avraham in the Eshkol region on the Gaza border. When a woman in the moshav attempted to summon security officials after finding an Arab in her home, the intruder stabbed her, but she still managed to call the police. An IDF squad ultimately tracked down the man and killed him. Further information about the intruder’s identity has yet to be released.

Meanwhile there were several more attacks from Syria on the Golan Heights yesterday. In the early evening, Israeli residents in several locations reported multiple explosions from incoming mortar fire. At 10:00 pm, an Israeli military vehicle that patrols the fence near Quneitra was fired upon. In each case, the IDF was at great pains to characterize the attacks as “stray fire” (it is amazing how the “stray fire” always directly targets Israelis and Israeli vehicles).

Again, it doesn’t take much imagination to see how these kinds of events could easily spiral out of control.

The new sport in Judea and Samaria: attacking Israeli citizens and soldiers with Molotov cocktails.

More than the situations on Gaza border fence and in the Golan Heights, the situation in Judea, Samaria, and in the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem continues to deteriorate. Each day since the ceasefire has seen more stabbings of Border Guards and IDF soldiers as well as Molotov cocktails thrown at Israeli cars, buses, checkpoints, the Jerusalem Light Rail, military outposts, and Jewish communities. Yesterday alone saw Molotov cocktails thrown at a bus near Bethlehem, another bus near Ma’ale Adumim, and a car on Road 443–and stabbing incidents near Shuafat and elsewhere.

The old story is as new as ever: when the Arabs in this region sense weakness like that displayed by Netanyahu, Barak, and Lieberman, they brazenly rush to exploit it.


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