From 1938 Czechoslovakia To 2012 Israel


ISRAELSTREET endorses NAFTALI BENNETT for Prime Minister

Head of “HaBayit HaYehudi” (The Jewish Home) political party



UPDATES: 7 pm Israel time Wednesday:

*In what has become a continuous refrain, the violence in the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria has continued intermittently throughout the last 24 hours with individuals injured by “rocks” on the Mt. of Olives and tourist buses assaulted in Hebron.

*Meanwhile the political campaign has heated up with everyone taking potshots at everyone else. Accusations of the day included Lapid’s attack on Yachimovich for “supporting ‘settlement’ policy” and Yachimovich’s attack on Netanyahu for not addressing childhood poverty in Israel.

*High on the wall of a certain home in Ashdod, we see a sign that supports israelstreet’s choice to be the next prime minister, Naftali Bennett:

Someone is supporting Naftali Bennett. The sign reads: "A New Beginning: Naftali Bennett, the Jewish Home".


Yesterday’s blog “Land (And Sea) For Peace: Lebanon” was an obvious reference to the absurd policy of appeasement. Historically, the strategy of “land for peace” has never worked; the country that gives up land almost invariably signs its own death warrant. The simple fact is that such ideologies as Nazism, Islamism, and Arabism cannot be appeased–one can never feed them enough–the appetite of despotism can never be “peacefully” sated.

Yet “land for peace” is what the West has always imposed and is continuing to attempt to impose upon Israel (and Israel has foolishly let it be imposed). Give land to Egypt, give land to Jordan, give land (and sea) to Lebanon, give land to Syria, give land to the Palestinians . . .  

Rabin and Arafat with Clinton on September 13, 1993. Another despicably failed example of "land for peace."

As we all know, the most glaring example of the failed policy of appeasement in the last century did not involve a country giving away its own land, but rather a collection of “powers” handing over a part of a country to a fascist leader.  Of course, your humble servant is referring to the Munich Pact of 1938 by which the countries of France, Italy, and Great Britain turned over the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia to Adolf Hitler.

And as we all know now, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s claim at the time of having established a “peace for our time” was a farce; Hitler proceeded shortly thereafter to overrun all of Czechoslovakia and most of Europe.

Nazis marching into Prague in 1939--the product of "land for peace" appeasement to Hitler.

Ironically (given yesterday’s blog) Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Czech Ambassador to Israel Tomas Pojar were both in Herzliya yesterday speaking at a Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference.

Lieberman had this to say:

“All expressions and promises of commitment to Israel’s security from all around the world remind me of similar commitments made to Czechoslovakia [in 1938], and the pressure made on the Czech president to partition the Sudetenland. After all the promises and guarantees that were provided, Nazi Germany occupied all of Czechoslovakia, bringing an end to its existence.”

Lieberman went on to say that Israel would not become “the second Czechoslovakia”.

When asked later, if he agreed with Lieberman’s analogy of the Czechoslovakian situation in 1938 and the Israeli situation today, Pojar said that there were some obvious differences, but he proceeded to mainly support Lieberman’s thesis:

“There are certain parallels in that Czechoslovakia was the only democratic country in the entire region at the time. . . There are parallels about how [many] guarantees you can get from outside, and how much you should rely on them . . . we strongly believe that solutions cannot be imposed from the outside, because they do not work.”

The necessity of relying on yourself and the illusion of external security guarantees are two lessons that Czechoslovakia learned the hard way, but learned nonetheless. On the other hand, Israel seems to have never fully gotten the message as it continues to give away sea and land, and find itself ever more dependent on others (especially the U.S.) for military defense.

Your humble servant hopes that it is not too late to change course.


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