Illegal Palestinian Construction and the Coming War With Gaza


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UPDATES 5 pm Israel time Friday:

Illegal Palestinian building continues apace. If it is not on the Temple Mount itself, it is in all the neighborhoods of northern and eastern Jerusalem.

This morning we have incredible video documentation of an illegal 250 sq m mosque built on top of the Mount of Olives next to the grave of former Israeli PM Menachem Begin. (Click here to see the short video–it is in Hebrew, but you will be able to get the message–note the Temple Mount in the background that the speaker refers to).

What has the Netanyahu government done to stop the building? Nothing. Where are the Jerusalem police? Nowhere to be seen. Can you even begin to imagine what would have happened if Jews had even attempted to build a synagogue on the Temple Mount? They would have immediately been arrested and jailed–and the synagogue building materials would have been confiscated and destroyed. 

And what about the illegal “outpost” set up by 200 Palestinians and their cohorts in so-called “international human rights” organizations in the E1 area this morning? More than 50 “tents”, named by the Palestinians “Bab al-Shams” (Gate of the Sun), have been set up by the Popular Palestinian Resistance Committees. According to one of its leaders, the Palestinians have every intention of making the “outpost” permanent.

Palestinians erecting an illegal outpost in the E1 area this morning. Where is the international outcry? Where is the EU? Obama Administration? Netanyahu government? Where are Israeli security forces?

Again, where is the Netanyahu government and where are the Israeli security forces? Nowhere to be seen. Can you even begin to imagine what would have been the Israeli response if Jews were setting up the tents? The area would be swarming with Border Guards, police, and IDF soldiers all intent on razing the outpost.


It has been a month and a half since the recent conflict with Hamas–a conflict that saw the Netanyahu government cravenly capitulating to international pressure to bring the fighting to a premature conclusion. At the time, your humble servant bewailed the fact that because of the way the fighting ended, it would not be long until another outbreak of fighting begins.

Now we have a senior IDF intelligence official confirming what all of us in southern Israel already knew, namely that all of the Netanyahu talk about stopping the import of weapons into Gaza as a result of the fighting was just a lot of horse manure.

According to the IDF official:

*Hamas and Islamic Jihad are now sending groups of terrorists to train at camps in Iran, Sudan, and in Yemen.  More than this, they are also sending groups of terrorists into Syria to gain combat experience.

*Rockets, anti-tank missiles, and mortars are pouring into Gaza via the smuggling tunnels (that Egypt pledged to eliminate).

*Anti-aircraft missiles have already arrived in Gaza (your humble servant sadly predicts that in the next “war” with Hamas, we will see IAF aircraft being shot down).

*Advanced sniper rifles and electronic targeting systems are now in the hands of Hamas terrorists.

To repeat, the terrorists are receiving training on all of the above weapons at the aforementioned camps in Iran, Sudan, and Yemen.

Not only are weapons being imported on a massive scale (the IDF estimates that Hamas has already replaced all weapons it lost in November), weapons are also being produced on an industrial scale within Gaza itself.

How long will it be until these terrorists and weapons are launched against Israel? If history is any indicator–we shouldn’t have long to wait. 


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