Missiles launched from Gaza; The Farcical Fiasco at E1


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UPDATES 6 pm Israel time Saturday:

Ironically in light of yesterday’s israelstreet blog, the situation along the Gaza border has degraded even more today. 

First, there was another attempted Hamas terrorist infiltration along the border fence. IDF forces fired at the legs of a Hamas terrorist who was cutting his way through. Hamas then claimed that the terrorist was killed though there is no independent confirmation of that claim.

Second, Kissufim was rocked by explosions in the early morning–apparently from Qassams or mortars which were fired at Israel. The IDF is still searching for the projectiles.

Third, there was another launch of a missile out of Gaza toward southern Israel a few hours ago. No one seems to be quite sure of where it landed–on the Palestinian side of the Gaza border or on the Israeli side in an “open area.”

Meanwhile, the weapon flow to Gaza reported in yesterday’s blog continues. The Egyptians announced today that some 500 kg of explosives destined for Hamas have been intercepted in the southern Sinai by Egyptian police–the third such interception in as many days.


Theater of the absurd: the scene at E1 today with the new, illegal Palestinian "tent outpost" in full operation. If you look carefully you can see the Palestinian flag flying in the back center left and in the foreground. (photo: Reuters).

The absolute fiasco of the illegal Palestinian outpost in the E1 area continues.

You will recall from yesterday’s blog that some 200 Palestinian “activists” and international lawbreakers from so-called “human rights” organizations have set up a new 50-tent outpost in the E1 area near Ma’ale Adumim.

The sequence of events today has been that first the comedic police contacted those at the “outpost” and told them they were going to be evicted.

Then, a delegation of Palestinian officials including Mustafa Barghouti of the Palestinian Legislative Council waltzed right into the outpost to show their support for those at the outpost.

Next, a group of lawyers for the Palestinians went to the Israel Supreme Court to petition against the outpost’s removal. Apparently, the Court issued an injunction which permitted the removal of those at the outpost but laughably prohibited removal of the “tents.”

In the meantime another 100 Palestinians from Ramallah arrived on the site with blankets and food for the lawbreakers who had spent the night.

Finally, the Israeli police seem to have shown up in force at which time another delegation of Palestinian leaders including Hanan Ashrawi, Saeb Erekat and Palestinian Minister Ahmed Mg’dlani was denied entrance.

What is the situation now? It seems to change minute by minute–but there is one fact that is certain: every minute the outpost stays in place means ten more such outposts will be erected by Palestinians throughout Judea and Samaria.

By the way, your humble servant wonders how long the outpost would have lasted if Naftali Bennett were Prime Minister? The answer is simply that it would have never been erected in the first place.


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