Ariel Sharon: “Some Kind of Positive Indication”

UPDATES 5 pm Israel time Saturday:

*There have been 3 separate incidents of Palestinians from Gaza breaching the border fence in the last 24 hours. IDF forces operating in the region captured all three and turned them over to security personnel. Who knows how many terrorists have actually gotten through since Netanyahu agreed to the removal of the 300 meter buffer zone between Israel and Gaza?

*Two hours ago, IAF jets were scrambled at a base in central Israel to intercept “a suspicious aircraft” which had apparently penetrated Israel air space.

*Attempted terror attacks were thwarted last night with the arrest of a Palestinian seeking to carry out a suicide bomber attack and the bizarre capture of an Iranian at the entrance to Maaleh Adumim. 

*Bloody battles continue in Egypt. Nine people have reportedly been killed in clashes between protesters, Islamists, and the police. Eight of the dead are in Suez where security forces sent in to subdue the protesters joined them–and now the Army has begun to deploy in force around the city.

*Bloody battles continue in Syria. The last few hours have seen a rocket attack on the presidential palace of Bashir Assad.


One of the items on the israelstreet breaking news ticker  for the last couple of days has concerned former Prime Minister and Israeli war hero Ariel Sharon.

Sharon, as most of you dear readers know, has been in a coma for the last seven years after suffering multiple strokes–the most devastating of which was caused by a medical mistake.  Sharon is often described as being “comatose”–yet the few details that have emerged about his condition have indicated that his coma is not one in which he is completely unconscious.

Apparently, Sharon sleeps and awakes on a regular schedule in his room at Tel Hashomer Hospital. A year and a half ago, one of his sons, Gilad, had this to say: “When he is awake, he looks at me and moves his fingers when I ask him to. I am sure he hears me.”

Gilad went on to say at that time that his father was gaining weight.

Gilad also said that though doctors had advised he and his brother Omri to let his father die after the second stroke, they had refused, and Gilad said that “he stared at me with this look, with those green-gray eyes of his, and I knew I would never give up, and that I simply would not leave him.”

It has also been reported in the Israel news media that Sharon has been transported back and forth to his farm in the northern Negev several times in the last year.

All of which brings us to the story of two days ago that Sharon had been taken to Soroka Hospital in Beersheva for tests. According to former Sharon aide Raanan Gissin, it turns out that those tests were MRI scans. Gissin commented yesterday that “The tests were routine, but the results not entirely so. There was some kind of positive indication.”

A positive indication? Is it really possible that the 84 year old Sharon could ever completely emerge from his “waking coma”? Your humble servant finds that highly doubtful yet nevertheless intriguing. 

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