The Palestinian Prisoner Canard


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The baroness buffoon herself, otherwise known as European Union “Foreign Affairs Chief” Catherine Ashton was at it again yesterday. Without even a pretense of objectivity, Ashton leaped into the fray once again to take up the Palestinian cause--this time having to do with the five Palestinian prisoners who have been on long-term hunger strikes (actually it is not a complete hunger strike: they are drinking water and eating food “additives”).

Ashton offered this piece of utter nonsense: “The EU calls on the government of Israel to allow for the immediate restoration of their family visiting rights and calls for the full respect of international human rights obligations towards all Palestinian detainees and prisoners.”

Excuse me? Immediate restoration of family visiting rights? What right does any terrorist have to family visiting rights? 

For example, take the case of Samer Issawi who has now been on his “hunger strike” for 210 days (of course if he was really eating nothing, he would have long since died).

Issawi's "hunger strike" and those of the other four terrorist prisoners have, at the encouragement of the PLO, sparked rioting throughout Judea and Samaria.

Back in 2002, Issawi was captured in Ramallah in possession of weapons. He was subsequently convicted in Israeli court for “forming military groups in Jerusalem.”

In October 2011, Issawi was released in the Gilad Shalit deal. All he had to do to was adhere to the agreement he signed which specified that he could not leave Jerusalem. So what did he do? In July of 2012 he was arrested in the Palestinian settlement of Hizma where he was back to his old activities–and returned to prison.

Shortly thereafter, Issawi went on his hunger strike–and the Israeli prison system has done everything humanly possible to keep Issawi alive. It is in this context, that Ashton’s remarks about “human rights obligations” are, as usual, meaningless. 


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