24 Hours on the Firing Line in Israel


Please note that for the next three days (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday), your humble servant is in transit and will combine “UPDATES” and “TODAY’S BLOG” as internet connections are available.

UPDATES and TODAY’S BLOG 9:40 pm Israeli time Monday:

At 9:35 pm this evening–5 minutes ago, a Palestinian terrorist threw a pipe bomb at security personnel and worshipers at Rachel’s Tomb.

At 3:49 pm this afternoon, pipe bombs were found in suitcases belonging to two Arabs at the Tel Aviv bus station.

At 3:25 pm this afternoon, more than one hundred Palestinians threw “rocks” at IDF checkpoint at Hawara.

At 2:43 pm this afternoon, Palestinian terrorists throwing “rocks” damaged a number of Israeli cars at Neve Tzuf. No physical injuries reported.

At 2:08 pm this afternoon, an IDF soldier was wounded by “rocks” thrown at Shechem.

At 11:56 pm last night, Palestinian terrorists threw three Molotov cocktails near the Jewish community of Shavei Shomron.

At 11:37 am this morning, Palestinians destroyed eight hectares of vineyards east of Esh Kodesh.

At 10:45 am this morning, “dozens” of Palestinian rioters blocked Route 60 between Bethlehem and Hebron.

At 10:09 pm last night, incoming rocket sirens sounded in Kiryat Malachi. No explosions were reported, and there is no confirmation from the IDF that a launch of Hamas rockets took place.


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