Arab Convolutions and “Zionist Reactionaries”

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time Friday:

**The Temple Mount, Harbata, Bethlehem, Ein Yabrud, Hebron, Biton–these are just a few of the places in which Palestinian terrorists have been attacking Israeli security forces in the last 24 hours. Police and soldiers have been run over, pelted with “rocks”, and subjected to Molotov cocktail attacks.

**New advanced centrifuges in Natanz for increased uranium enrichment, near completion of a heavy water plant near the town of Arak for yielding plutonium–Iran is on the verge of creating highly refined nuclear bombs. This is according to an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report leaked today.


How convoluted can you get?

The Palestinian situation in Syria finds Syrian-Palestinians on both sides of the conflict. Even Hamas apparently has some of its terrorists fighting with Iran and Hezbollah in support of the Assad regime, and others joining the rebels and fighting against the ruling party in Damascus. Insofar as Assad is concerned, he has directed the Syrian army to mercilessly attack predominantly Palestinian suburbs of Damascus and elsewhere.

While this has been going on, Israeli-Arabs have been publicly expressing their support for the Assad regime.

Yes, you read that right. There is even an Israeli-Arab “Popular Committee for Solidarity with the Syrian People” based in Haifa. This committee issued a press release today concerning the suicide attack committed in Damascus yesterday at a crowded intersection between the al-Eman mosque and the Baath party headquarters. 35 Syrians were killed and another 237 were critically wounded.

According to the press release:

“Dark forces executed the crime in order to subdue the Syrian people and advance the reactionary policy of the White House, Paris, London, Istanbul, Riyadh, Doha, and Tel Aviv.”

In particular, the Committee singles out “Wahhabi gangs supported by imperialist and Zionist reactionaries”–all of whom “oppose a national dialogue and a peaceful solution.”

The release ends: “Long live the heroic Syrian Arab Army! Long live the leader of Syria, the honorable Bashar al-Assad!

So try to wrap your head around this dear reader: Israeli-Arabs are supporting Bashir Assad who is ruthlessly attacking their Palestinian “brothers”.  And the same Israeli-Arabs are condemning those who are trying to stop the attacks by accusing them of being Zionist reactionaries.


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