The Palestinians’ Reply to FC Barcelona: “No”

UPDATES 5 pm Israel time Saturday:


Israeli kids all dressed up for Purim!

Tonight is the beginning of the Purim holiday in Israel with lots of little Esthers and Mordechais out and about. In the spirit of the holiday, all religious Jews are encouraged to drink enough so that they do not know the difference between “blessed be Mordechai” and “cursed be Haman.” If you celebrate Purim, have a great holiday!

**It was revealed yesterday that Israel has now issued permits for 370 trucks of “humanitarian aid”, construction materials, and fuel to be delivered through the Kerem Shalom crossing everyday. However, Hamas will only let 270 trucks in per day.

Why you may ask?

Because materials coming in through the smuggling tunnels cost much less than those coming in through Israel–and therefore Hamas can make much more money when it sells the “humanitarian aid” and such. For example, Egyptian gas costs 1.60 shekels per liter as opposed to 3.10 shekels per liter from Israel.


Messi leading Barcelona (photo courtesy: FC Barcelona)

What could have been simpler than a game of football (soccer) to promote peace between Israel and the Palestinians?

Barcelona, one of the best teams in the world, proposed to play a match against a team made up equally of players from Israel and from “Palestine” on July 31st this coming summer.  Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, said that: “Barca wants to make a modest contribution to build bridges of understanding and harmony between the Israeli and Palestinian people through sports and education.”

Israel president Shimon Peres agreed, saying that “football brings down barriers.”

That put the football on the Palestinians’ side of the field, and they were not long in responding. Jibril Rajoub, the president of the Palestinian Football Association, said yesterday that no match would take place. 

Rajoub, it should be remembered, is a terrorist of the first order. First arrested at age 15 for helping Egyptian officers, Rajoub was next arrested two years later for throwing a grenade at an IDF bus near Hebron. In 1985, he was arrested again for terrorist activities, was deported to Lebanon in 1987, and subsequently moved his base of operations to Tunisia where he became one of Yasser Arafat’s closest advisors.  

In the last few years, Rajoub has supposedly focused on sports. Last July, as head of the “Palestine Olympic Committee”, he led the charge to reject a moment of silence for the Israeli athletes murdered in Munich in 1972. Rajoub called the moment of silence “racist”.  

He also happened to be at the forefront of Palestinian criticism when Barcelona invited long-time captive Gilad Schalit to be a guest at one of its home games last year against Real Madrid.

No Palestinian recognition of Israel, no compromises with Israel, no peace with Israel, no football games with Israel. What’s new?


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