Concessions, Concessions, and More Absurd Concessions

UPDATES 4 pm Israel time Tuesday:

**The war in Syria continues to creep into the Israeli Golan Heights as al-Qaeda and other “rebel” groups set up their terrorist bases on the border with Israel. In the last week alone, three more countries have announced that they will be withdrawing contingents of their troops that are part of the U.N. force patrolling the DMZ as a result of increasing destabilization. This morning, another Syrian or “rebel” mortar shell was launched into the Israel side of the Golan Heights.

**The Palestinians are getting ready for President Obama’s visit to Ramallah and Bethlehem–by defacing Obama posters throughout both cities: 

A swastika-ed Obama is cleaned up on a street in Bethlehem yesterday.


Here we go again.

Israel is falling all over itself to roll out the welcome mat for President Obama tomorrow by making absurd concessions to the PLO. 

The Civil Administration announced this morning that it will spend 20 million shekels to improve the quality of life for Palestinians–including three million shekels in Area C. As part of this “outreach”, Israel will retroactively “legalize” all of the illegal building that the Palestinians have undertaken in Area C in recent years.

Massive illegal Palestinian building has been taking place in Area C in the last few years. Now, unbelievably, Israel is going to retroactively legalize the construction.

This outrageous legalization takes place in the context of the six residential structures belonging to Jewish community members that were destroyed in Area C yesterday by the IDF.

Destruction of Jewish buildings in Ramat Migron--it wouldn't look good for President Obama to see an Israeli flag flying over Israeli territory.

Why were they destroyed? Apparently because they are on the route that the Obama motorcade will take on its way to Ramallah.

In any case, why in the world is Israel making concessions to Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO? Under the nurturing and guidance of the PLO, violence in Judea and Samaria has dramatically escalated in recent months. Under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas, the PLO has been actively seeking to unite with Hamas. Under the leadership of Mahmoud and the PLO, the Palestinians have yet to make even one small concession for peace. 

By the way, the Israel Civil Administration is part of COGAT (the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories) which is a unit of the Defense Ministry. COGAT, as regular readers of this blog know, is the hideous organization that incredibly continued to fund, arm, and supply Hamas during the recent November conflict while Hamas was raining missiles on southern Israel. 

It is your humble servant’s sincere hope that this idiotic decision of the Civil Administration that was trotted out today will be reversed in short order. With a new Defense Minister (Moshe Yaalon), and a strong proponent of annexing Area C now in the security cabinet (Naftali Bennett), perhaps some sanity can return to Israel’s dealing with the PLO.

If I have written it once, I have written it a hundred times–it is time for COGAT to be disbanded and discarded once and for all.


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