“No, absolutely not. It is rejected.”

UPDATES 5 pm Israel time Sunday:

It wasn’t enough that Benjamin Netanyahu groveled to Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan at the behest of President Obama and apologized for the events on the Turkish terrorist ship Mavi Marmara. Now Erdogan is having great fun today rubbing Israel’s nose in the dirt. 

The two supposed positive outcomes of the apology for Israel have now been “taken back” by Erdogan. In the first place, Erdogan says that he is not ready to drop criminal charges against IDF personnel after all. In the second, Erdogan declares that it is “too early” to have a normalization of diplomatic ties with Israel.

Where is President Obama now?  And thank you PM Netanyahu for once again demonstrating what all of us in southern Israel already know–that you are a pusillanimous coward who always puts international and personal interests in front of those of Israeli citizens.


What a lovely couple. Tzipi Livni and Benjamin Netanyahu--hard at work giving away the state of Israel.

And so the ridiculous process of granting concession after concession to the Palestinians has begun again. Mind you, the coming concessions will not be for a peace agreement, the coming concessions that Israel makes will be just to get the Palestinians to come to the “negotiating table” so that more concessions can be made.

Tzipi Livni, handpicked by Benjamin Netanyahu to carry out giving concessions to the Palestinians , signaled as much to Army Radio: “We are after four years of stalemate, of distrust, and we need to see how we restart, what we will discuss.” 

Insofar as the Palestinians are concerned, it is rejection as usual this morning.

In response to whether the Palestinians will “negotiate” if Israel freezes construction outside of the large Jewish residential blocks in Judea and Samaria, Saeb Erekat, the leading Palestinian “concession seeker” (aka “negotiator”) answered:

“No, absolutely not. It is rejected.”

Doesn’t that sum up the entire Palestinian response to the Jewish State of Israel from the moment of its conception, to its establishment, and through peace offer after peace offer for the last 65 years?

“No, absolutely not. It is rejected.”


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