“Jihad Brides”: Providing Sexual Services To The “Free Syrian Army”

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time Friday:

The results of a Palestinian terrorist "rock" attack on an Israeli outside of Efrat this afternoon. The driver of the car was wounded, and the terrorist escaped.

It has been another rough day in Judea and Samaria with “rock” assaults on Israelis from Efrat to Rachel’s Tomb to the Tapuach Junction.  

Remarkably, there have been no arrests of the perpetrators of any of these attacks.

*Remember the “tax” money that PM Netanyahu released to the PLO (aka the Palestinian Authority) last week during President Obama’s visit? As you may not remember, that money was being withheld because the Palestinians refuse to pay their electricity bills and are currently 730 million shekels in arrears.

Now it turns out that the Israel Electric Commission is planning to simply “write off” the debt, but not exactly . . . What the IEC will do is increase by 3% the amount that Israelis pay for their electricity. Yes, you have that correct. Your humble servant will absurdly have to pay 3% more in Ashdod because the Palestinians in Ramallah refuse to pay. I am planning to send my next electricity bill to PM Netanyahu at his residence in Jerusalem and to President Obama at the White House. 

*Speaking of President Obama’s darlings in the PLO (remember Obama’s speech in Jerusalem about how Mahmoud Abbas is a partner for peace), consider this story from Bethlehem yesterday. Mamdouh Hamamreh, a Palestinian journalist, posted a picture on his Facebook page two years ago that satirized Abbas by comparing him to the villain in a Syrian soap opera.

Under a picture of the two, Hamamreh simply wrote: “The two are similar in all respects.”

The offending picture: that's the actor on the left and Abbas on the right.

Yesterday, a PLO Court under the direction of Abbas convicted Hamamreh of “publishing information that incited hatred” and sentenced him to one year in prison.


To listen to Muhammad al-Arifi,  a noted Saudi cleric, the fighters for the Free Syrian Army have it really rough. Both married men and unmarried men cannot have sexual relations and are thus in a state of despair.

Hence Arifi has issued a fatwa calling for Muslim women everywhere to flock to Syria to provide sexual services to these fighters.  Apparently, Muslim women have been responding to this dictate thereby laughingly creating the phenomenon of so-called “Jihad Brides” (even though there is no real marriage involved).

All of this came to a head in Tunisia this week when the new Minister of Religious Affairs, Nur al-Din (of the Islamist Ennahda party) warned Tunisian women against complying with the Arifi’s fatwa. 

Why was this necessary? Not because the “jihad bride” concept is immoral and demeaning to women.

The reason that Nur al-Din was forced to act is because Tunisian fathers have been complaining that they are losing their valuable assets. Prospective Tunisian grooms are required to provide extravagant gifts to the families of their prospective brides. If a man loses his daughter, he loses a significant source of his wealth.

Again, your humble servant is forced to recall the words of President Obama last week in Jerusalem when he loftily proclaimed that “everyone is the same”–Arabs have the same ambitions and desires as everyone else.

Apparently not.

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